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The discreet lunch that threatens Hollande's top aide and former premier François Fillon

Jean-Pierre Jouyet et François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy et François Fillon © Reuters Jean-Pierre Jouyet et François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy et François Fillon © Reuters

The fallout from a private lunch between President François Hollande’s chief of staff Jean-Pierre Jouyet and former President Nicolas Sarkozy's prime minister François Fillon last summer is threatening to develop into a full-blown scandal. At the meeting on June 24th Fillon is said to have asked the socialist administration to speed up legal investigations into his former boss and now political rival Sarkozy. Jouyet, who served in Fillon's right-wing government but who is a close personal friend of Hollande, later told two journalists of the conversation. When the reporters published the story in a book last week Jouyet at first denied the claim then backtracked and insisted that Fillon had indeed asked him to intervene in the affair. Fillon, however, who like Sarkozy wants to be the Right's 2017 presidential candidate, has angrily accused Jouyet of “lies” and says he is suing for defamation. Once more, say Stéphane Alliès, Ellen Salvi and Mathieu Magnaudeix, the Elysée finds itself at the centre of an embarrassing affair, this time with the president’s right-hand man in the firing line.

Ex-French PM accuses top Hollande aide of lying over Sarkozy 'plot'

François Fillon denies renewed claims he tried to get Hollande's chief of staff to speed up a legal case against his rival Nicolas Sarkozy.

Former prime minister denies seeking to sabotage Sarkozy comeback

François Fillon says he is victim of 'plot' and will sue over claims he urged Hollande's office to speed up legal probe into his former boss.

UMP meltdown: the self-destruction of France's main opposition party

 © Reuters © Reuters

Debts of nearly 80 million euros, a party leader who had to step down over an election funding scandal, warring factions, public attacks, leaked allegations that senior party figures and their relatives have been milking its finances for their own benefit and continuing scandals surrounding its talismanic figure Nicolas Sarkozy... France's main opposition party the UMP seems on the brink of a political abyss. Indeed, one senior figure in it has claimed that the right-wing party is “already dead”. Mathilde Mathieu, Ellen Salvi and Marine Turchi report on a party crisis that shows no sign of abating and could end in its destruction.

France fears waning EU influence

French MEPs are in charge of just two of a total of 22 parliamentary committees and sub-committees, those that oversee fishing and the budget.

Ex-French PM's 'strategic' softening on far right

François Fillon causes party row by calling for end to treating the far-right National Front as a political pariah, but analysts see it as merely a tactic.

France’s UMP in turmoil over Fillon’s presidential ambitions

Sarkozy's former prime minister tells journalists 'I'll be a candidate no matter what' in opposition contest to be chosen for 2017 presidential election.

French politicians rush to reveal their assets

After a tax-dodging scandal and ahead of likely stiff new disclosure standards, politicians are publishing details of their properties and assets.

Feuding French conservatives set new leadership vote

The opposition UMP party, which has been locked in an acrimonious leadership struggle, has agreed to hold a new vote before October 2013.

Ideological splits and strategic dilemmas – the real reason why the right-wing UMP is in crisis


The main French right-wing opposition party the UMP has been in turmoil following a disastrous leadership election last month that saw both candidates claiming victory and which led to a formal split among its Members of Parliament. There are signs that the two sides may be close to finding a way out of the immediate crisis amid talk of a new contest next year. But, as Marine Turchi reports, the party has not even begun to address its fundamental problems of ideology and strategy faced with the Far Right.

Ally of new UMP boss calls for fresh leadership vote

Country's main conservative party edges closer to resolving crisis as former minister backs calls for new poll to pick a leader.

France’s conservative party splits into two

Defeated UMP leadership candidate Francois Fillon says he and followers are splitting from the party to form their own parliamentary group.

France UMP crisis: Jean- François Copé confirmed as head

Internal party commission confirms that Copé won presidency of centre-right UMP but election rival François Fillon says verdict is 'illegal'.

UMP party heads for spilt after Copé-Fillon mediation fails

French conservative opposition party, the UMP, was close to disintegration Sunday after mediation between two leadership rivals broke down.

UMP future hangs on Sunday talks

The fate of France's copposition UMP party hangs on the outcome of a meeting Sunday between a mediator and the two rivals for its leadership.