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France's ruling socialists scramble to avoid split after Fillon win

After PM Valls initially suggested he might quit and stand against President Hollande in party primary, he later said he would stay in his job.

French PM Valls raises prospect he could challenge Hollande in election

In interview Valls did not rule out extraordinary possibility of him running against his own president in the Socialist Party primaries in January.

Hollande mourns loss of 'towering' Castro

French president, who met former Cuban leader in May 2015, said Castro 'incarnated the Cuban revolution' - including its later 'disillusionment'.

French jobless total dips - setting stage for Hollande election bid

Unemployment total eased back slightly in October to two-year low, giving support to French president's pledge to turn labour market around.

Why Nicolas Sarkozy was sent packing by the Right's voters

Crushing defeat: the Right's voters have massively rejected their former leader Nicolas Sarkozy.. © Reuters Crushing defeat: the Right's voters have massively rejected their former leader Nicolas Sarkozy.. © Reuters

It is both a defeat and a humiliation. Having finished third in the Right's primary election on Sunday to choose a presidential candidate for 2017 and thus eliminated from the race, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has seen his political strategy torn to pieces. He has, in effect, been sacked by his own electorate. The unprecedented democratic election on the Right has instead witnessed the victory of hardline conservative and former prime minister François Fillon. Mediapart's editor François Bonnet analyses what led to a tumultuous night in French politics that now seems certain to mark the end of Sarkozy's political career.

France and UN warn Trump on 'irreversible' climate treaty

French President François Hollande who, with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, was attending a meeting of almost 200 nations in Morocco on ways to slow global warming, said US 'must respect the commitments it has undertaken' with last year's UN pact to combat climate change, which president-elect Donald Trump has called into question.

French opposition MPs seek to impeach Hollande

Members of Parliament from the French conservative opposition party Les Républicains have signed a motion for the impeachment of socialist president François Hollande over comments he made in a recent book of conversations with two journalists in which the MPs allege he 'seriously violated defence secrecy'.

French president warns Trump victory heralds 'uncertainty'

François Hollande, who has been outspoken in his criticism of Donlad Trump during the US presidential election campaign, said the billionaire's victory 'opens a period of uncertainty' in the world.

France's dangerous double game in Libya

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General Khalifa Haftar is a rival to Libya's official government but is supported militarily by France. © Reuters General Khalifa Haftar is a rival to Libya's official government but is supported militarily by France. © Reuters

Under President Nicolas Sarkozy France launched a military intervention that plunged Libya into chaos. Now under President François Hollande Paris is conducting two parallel and very different policies; one official, one secret. In Tripoli France supports the government that is recognised by the international community. But at the same time it is also discreetly providing military aid to the official Libyan government's main adversary, General Khalifa Haftar, whose power base is in the east of the country. René Backmann and Lénaïg Bredoux investigate.

France to shut down Paris migrant camp

Following removal of Calais 'Jungle', President Hollande targets camp in capital and says such makeshift settlements are 'not worthy' of France.

Hollande acknowledges France's role in WWII Roma internment

French president made comments in speech to 500 people at Montreuil-Bellay, the largest of 31 camps in which up to 6,500 Roma were interned.

Hollande is 'liability' for France’s socialist party

But British newspaper Financial Times argues that the biggest problem for the French Left is the Socialist Party itself.

Plunge in French joblessness gives Hollande rare boost

President, who is yet to decide whether to stand for re-election, hailed figures showing 66,300 fewer people were looking for work last month.

French president says UK in for tough time if it demands hard Brexit

At a European Council meeting in Brussels, François Hollande said negotiations over Britain's future relationship with the European Union 'will be hard' if London adopts a 'hard Brexit' approach, while European Parliament president Martin Schulz said restrictions on immigration would mean an economic cost for the UK.

Hollande warning over jihadists escaping Mosul for Raqa

The French president, hosting an international conference in Paris to debate stabilisation of the Iraqi city once it is freed from control by the Islamic State (IS) group, said 'we can't afford mistakes' in the pursuit of IS members fleeing Mosul for the group's stronghold of Raqa in Syria.