François Hollande

Socialist candidate Hollande pledges to renegotiate EU pact if elected

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François Hollande said the EU deal last week lacks decisive measures to calm markets, namely a bigger role for the ECB and creation of joint bonds.

Hollande-Sarkozy gap narrows in latest poll

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Socialist Party presidential candidate François Hollande loses some of his poll lead over Nicolas Sarkozy, but is still tipped to win the 2012 vote.

The facts of the pact that panics the French nuclear lobby

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After tortuous negotiations, France's Green party last weekend finally ratified an electoral pact drawn up with the Socialist Party which centres on a steep reduction in nuclear power production and the development of renewable energy sources. The agreement, which has triggered alarm bells in the French nuclear industry, seals an alliance between both parties for the legislative elections that will immediately follow next year's presidential poll. Jade Lindgaard examines the facts and figures behind the programme to reduce nuclear energy production, and reports on the last-minute political high drama that came close to leaving it stillborn.

Socialist presidential candidate Hollande plans deficit drive

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Socialist presidential election candidate François Hollande, leading opinion polls, plans a 50 billion-euro package of tax hikes and spending curbs.

Hollande snubs police protection offer

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Socialist Party presidential candidate François Hollande has refused police protection, fearing leaks to the camp of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

French Socialist Party economics guru sees a middle road out of crisis

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Philippe Aghion is a senior economics advisor to François Hollande, the Socialist Party candidate in the French presidential elections due next spring. This Harvard university professor thinks he knows how to address the economic crisis in Europe, with a new approach to industry and innovation driven by a state-led strategy. The ideas he details in this interview with Ludovic Lamant may become, if Hollande becomes president, the lynchpin of the next French government's economic policies.

Hollande to take on Sarkozy after winning Socialist primaries

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François Hollande has been elected French Socialist Party candidate for the 2012 presidential vote when he is expected to challenge Nicolas Sarkozy.

French Socialists set for final battle

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The French Socilaist Party primary process that now pits François Hollande against Martine Aubry reaches the second round, final vote on Sunday.

No killer blows in French Socialists final primary debate

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The two remaining candidates for the French Socialist Party's presidential nomination fought a tense but inconclusive televised debate Wednesday.

Ségolène Royal backs Hollande for primaries showdown

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Ségolène Royal, beaten in first round of Socialist Party primaries to elect a presidential candidate, backs François Hollande ahead of the runoff.

French Socialist candidates face dogfight for party left

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François Hollande and Martine Aubry have emerged as the finalists in the first round of voting in the French Socialist Party primaries held to choose a candidate in next year's presidential elections. As the showdown between the two approaches in a final poll next weekend, the major upset for both was the unexpectedly high score reached by the party's radical candidate Arnaud Montebourg. Both candidates must reach out to his supporters, and the testing task promises some lively debate in the coming days. Stéphane Alliès and Lénaïg Bredoux report.

Hollande, Aubry through to final round of Socialist primaries

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François Hollande and Martine Aubry are winners of the first round of Socialist Party primaries, to be settled in a showdown vote next Sunday.

Hollande favourite in French Socialist primary vote

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Socialist Party voters take part in France's first "open" presidential, primary election this weekend, with François Hollande tipped as favourite.

Partner of French Socialist presidential favourite was 'investigated by police'

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Paris police deny making illegal enquiries into private life of Valerie Trierweiler, Socialist Party presidential hopeful François Hollande's companion.

French Socialist Party election overshadowed by love triangle

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The Guardian discovers an 'oh, là, là' love triangle ready to disturb Socialist Party candidates in next year's presidential elections. Plus ça change...