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Why Macron's resignation spells doom for Hollande

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The resignation of economy minister Emmanuel Macron from François Hollande's government on Tuesday to further his own electoral aspirations has dealt what looks like a fatal blow to the French president's already dwindling hopes ahead of next year's presidential election. But as Mediapart's editor François Bonnet argues, it also illustrates how an entire political system, that of France's Fifth Republic, is coming to an end.

Ex-economy minister aims for presidential bid to 'transform France'

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Minutes after quitting government, former Hollande protégé Emmanuel Macron sets his sights on 2017 presidential election.

Emmanuel Macron resigns as French economy minister

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Former close ally of President François Hollande breaks away to prepare rival presidential bid agaist his mentor.

The political emptiness of French economy minister Emmanuel Macron

France — Opinion

French economy minister Emmanuel Macron on Friday handed veteran far-right politician Philippe de Villiers a public return to legitimacy, paying visit to the latter's money-spinning theme park and praising him as a"cultural entrepreneur". Amid the high-profile visit, the socialist government minister also proclaimed that "I am not socialist". Ahead of an expected bid for the presidency in elections due next May, Macron now regularly stars as the cover story for French weekly Paris-Match, in what appears almost a mirror image of the magazine's coverage dedicated last year to Nicolas Sarkozy. Here, Mediapart editor François Bonnet argues that Macron's political manoeuvring is nothing but an empty vase, and made possible only by the weakness of a used-up government approaching its final bow.

French jobless rate sinks below 10% as Hollande re-election bid looms

France — Analysis

The unemployment rate in France dropped below 10% during the second quarter of this year, and for the first time since 2012, according to figures released on Thursday by the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). The news appears to pave the way for President François Hollande to announce his re-election bid in next year’s presidential elections but, as Martine Orange reports in this analysis of the figures, the slight fall in official jobless numbers cannot mask the grim reality of France’s endemic unemployment.

Hollande meets with Pope

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The French president flew to Rome for a private audience with the head of the Catholic Church three weeks after terrorists murdered a priest in Normandy.

Can African states get rid of French 'colonial' currency?

International — Investigation

Many experts in Africa want to see an end of the 'CFA franc', the currency backed by the French Treasury which was created 70 years ago and still used by 14 former colonies on the continent. But as Fanny Pigeaud reports in this second and concluding article on Africa's 'Franc Zone', the French authorities take a dim view of any criticism of the currency.

French socialists say Hinkley doubts must be cleared up

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President François Hollande's ruling party says the Hinkley Point nuclear project in Britain is risk to survival of France's state-owned utility EDF.

France ideal to host 2024 Olympics, says Hollande

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French president insisted the tougher security measures imposed by France after recent terror attacks made Paris ideal venue for 2024 Games.

François Hollande flies to Rio to back Paris 2024 Olympic bid

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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was already in Brazil and she and French president will canvas support for France's 2024 Olympic Games bid.

Why Air France cabin crew greeted new boss with a strike


Within a few weeks of taking over as the the new chief executive of Air France-KLM, Jean-Marc Janaillac found himself confronted with a strike by the airline's French cabin crew. They are angry that their current work contract guaranteeing conditions and pay has only been extended for 17 months. Dan Israel examines the wider prospects for industrial harmony at France's troubled flagship carrier.

Donald Trump makes me sick says François Hollande

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French president says democracy is at stake in 2016 US election and victory for the Republican could make global politics more conservative.

British PM Theresa May holds post-Brexit talks with Hollande

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French President François Hollande said British people living and working in France can stay 'as long as they like', adding he expected a reciprocal deal.

British PM to meet with French president on Thursday

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Theresa May will make her first overseas visits this week, meeting François Hollande in Paris after visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

French economy minister hints at presidential bid

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Emmanuel Macron, 38, came close to announcing he would stand against François Hollande next year at a rally of his new political movement in Paris.