Frank-Walter Steinmeier

'Merkel speaks to adults...Macron talks as if we're children'

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In an interview with Mediapart, history lecturer Johann Chapoutot, an expert on contemporary Germany and the history of the Nazis, uses the example of Germany to highlight France's failings in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He says that while the German chancellor Angela Merkel appeals to people's reason, in France “they lie to us”. Interview by Ludovic Lamant.

German and French ministers urge deeper EU 'political union'

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Jean-Marc Ayrault and Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged other EU members to join them in further steps toward a 'political union in Europe'.

French and German foreign ministers in surprise visit to Libya

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Western nations hope UN-backed government of prime minister-designate Fayez Serraj can unite Libyans to fight an increasingly strong Islamic State affiliate.

French and German foreign ministers in joint visit to Bangladesh

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The 'historic' trip by Laurent Fabius and Frank-Walter Steinmeier is aimed at helping South Asian country combat effects of climate change.

German FM and staff were targets of systematic NSA taps

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The phones of German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and those of many of his ministry staff were systematically tapped by the US National Security Agency (NSA) in an eavesdropping operation that began at least 15 years ago, Mediapart can reveal in this report in collaboration with WikiLeaks. Confidential NSA documents obtained by WikiLeaks also disclose how Steinmeier, during his first term as foreign minister in 2005, “appeared relieved” to have been spared details of infamous rendition flights operated by the US over German airspace. Jérôme Hourdeaux and Mathieu Magnaudeix report.

Franco-German economic motor stalled until Paris reforms say experts

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German observers say Berlin is now expecting Paris to back up its rhetoric with genuine reforms to the French economy.