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France bans plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables

French government has published a list of about 30 fruits and vegetables that will have to be sold without plastic packaging from January 1st.

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France threatens to cut UK and Jersey energy supply in fishing row

French government pushing EU to take stronger stance in dispute over access to Channel waters.

France to introduce tougher mandatory quarantine for UK

France intends to impose a mandatory quarantine on visitors from Britain to prevent the spread of a worrying virus variant first detected in India.

Scuffles, arrests in Paris as thousands mark May Day

Police source saidt far-left "black bloc" protesters had repeatedly tried to block the trade union-led march in the French capital, with 34 people detained. 

France eases ban on AstraZeneca vaccine for over-65s

People in France aged over 65 with existing health problems can be given the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, the country’s health minister said.

France restricts AstraZeneca vaccine to under-65s

The French health regulator said there was still not enough data about the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine for patients over 65 years of age.

France denies it pressured EU to buy French vaccines over German

The efforts to find a scapegoat for the slow rollout of jabs has firmly started in Europe.

France under pressure to speed up coronavirus vaccine rollout

France is ‘wearing Europe’s dunce cap,’ MPs have warned, while doctors have spoken of 'excessive precautions' in vaccination campaign.

Brexit deal needs to be done by start of November says France

France’s European affairs minister said the bloc would not accept a bad deal just for the sake of reaching a compromise.

Macron outlines new law to prevent Islamic 'separatism' in France

In keynote speech, French president said local officials will get extra powers to fight radicalism and social problems will be tackled.

France has 10,593 new Covid-19 cases as PM faces virus lawsuit

The death toll in France rose by 45, bringing the total tally to 31,095.

Party goes on for French ravers, despite pandemic and police

French ravers speak of 'resistance' against a crackdown by security forces encouraged by locals to restore order.

France mandates masks at all workplaces

Announcement by governemnt makes France one of relatively few countries in the world that’s universally requiring workers to wear masks on the job.

France to be added to UK quarantine countries

Britain said the measure - which also applies to people travelling from Monaco, Malta, Turks and Caicos, and Aruba - would kick in from 4am on Saturday.

France to bolster Mediterranean military presence

Move comes as President Emmanuel Macron called on Turkey to halt oil and gas exploration in disputed waters that has heightened tensions with Greece.