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Cologne cathedral memorial service for Germanwings crash victims

More than 1,400 people, including Germany's chancellor and president, attended the service for the 150 people who died in the March 24th crash.

British boy, 7, dies in cliff plunge in French Alps

The boy, on a family skiing holiday in Flaines near the Swiss border, apparently became lost on a piste before falling over a rock formation.

Second black box confirms Germanwings crash was deliberate

Its data reveals that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz used the automatic pilot to put the airplane on a descent towards an altitude of 100 feet.

Second black box found from French Alps plane crash

This box records technical flight data that could provide vital insights into the final moments of Flight 4U9525 before it crashed last week.

Alps crash co-pilot told a girlfriend: 'One day everyone will know my name'

Ex-girlfriend says Andreas Lubitz may have feared that health problems made his 'big dream of a job at Lufthansa, as captain' nearly impossible.

Germanwings co-pilot had 'serious depressive episode'

German newspaper Bild says Andreas Lubitz spent a total of one and a half years in psychiatric treatment and had interrupted his flight training.

Alps crash: descent may have been 'suicidal choice' by pilot, claim experts

With one pilot locked out of cockpit, events point to the suicide or sudden illness of remaining pilot, with latter theory unlikely say experts.

French crash investigators extract key audio tape from jet's black box

But official says still too early to draw any conclusions about causes of the Germanwings jet crash in the French Alps that killed 150 people.

Six skiers die in French Alps avalanche

The experienced skiers, four men and two women aged between 58 and 73, were trekking at 7,900ft when they were swept to their deaths.

British tourists turn on operators over French Alps snow chaos

Complaints were aimed at UK tour operators whose reps, customers claimed, had left them in limbo for hours even after poor weather ended.

Slow return to normal on snow-blocked roads to French Alps ski stations

Weather conditions began softening Sunday after thousands of holidaymakers were blocked overnight Saturday by heavy snowfalls.

Long-awaited snowfalls wreak havoc in French Alps

After a dearth of snow for Christmas skiers, heavy snowfall Saturday caused widespread disruption for those arriving in French Alp resorts.

Two base jumpers die in separate accidents in French Alps

A 33 year-old Australian died after jumping from a 2,600-metre peak, while a 52 year-old Frenchman is thought to have hit a rockface.

French to request US exhumation in al-Hilli murder case

Move comes amid claims murdered British woman Iqbal Al-Hilli's 'secret' first husband may have been poisoned on same day as Alps shooting.

French police release man arrested in Alps murders investigation

State prosecutor says the 48-year-old ex-cop has 'no direct link' to murders though he is still under investigation for arms trafficking.