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French Muslim leaders agree charter to combat extremism

Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, said the council's members have agreed a ten-point charter that  'states clearly that the principles of the Muslim faith are perfectly compatible with the principles of the republic', and which was applauded by French President Emmanuel Macron as 'a truly foundational text for relations between the state and Islam in France'.

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Macron calls on Muslim leaders to sign up to 'republican values' charter

In a meeting with members of the representative French Council of the Muslim Faith, French President Emmanuel Macron has urged them to sign up to a 'charter of republican values' which includes a rejection of political Islam and prohibiting 'foreign interference' in Muslim groups,

Patchy success for France's 'open mosques' weekend

Though mosques throughout France are inviting non-Muslim neighbours in, it is unclear how many mosques in Paris are participating.

France’s Muslims alarmed over soaring number of attacks

Figures show 147 acts were committed against Muslims between January 7 and end of the month as religious leader warns of 'generalised hysteria'.