French courts

Couple who said French windfarm affected health win legal fight

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Belgians Christel and Luc Fockaert awarded €110,000 after over health problems they claim were caused by windfarm.

Top French court refuses to recognise 'neutral gender' as a category

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Ruling on a case filed by a 65-year-old, court said that 'the duality' of gender as a civil status was 'necessary for social and legal organisation'.

Women 'treated more leniently' by French courts


Men and women might be equal before criminal law, but not when it comes to their trial, where women are shown comparative leniency by sentencing judges. That’s the controversial conclusion of a three-year study by two French sociologists, Maxime Lelièvre and Thomas Léonard, who monitored the treatment of, and sentences meted out to, men and women in French courts. Michaël Hajdenberg looks at their findings and hears the conflicting reactions of magistrates and lawyers.