French elections

French far-right leader Le Pen closing gap on Macron

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Favourite Macron's estimated margin of victory over Le Pen is narrowing sharply as the election approaches, two polls published this week suggested.

Macron’s frontrunner status conceals deep rifts in society

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The lingering resentment towards the Paris elite suggests a Macron victory would not for long suppress the anger in French society that erupted with the anti-government 'gilets jaunes' or yellow vest protests.

Cost of living tops French concerns before election

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As prices rise, there are warnings President Macron could face another protest movement like that by the 'gilets jaunes' or 'yellow vests' that rocked the country in late 2018 and early 2019. 

Macron says Turkey plans to try to sway French elections

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Ties between French leader and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been tense over issues ranging from religion to energy exploration in the eastern Mediterranean.

Socialists braced for drubbing as French local elections get underway

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The nationwide local council elections are a mid-term test for the ruling socialist government, with the Right and far-right tipped to win majority.

Far-right surge gives French left little to rejoice over


An abstention rate of more than 55% and significant gains by the far-right Front National party were the key results of the first round of local elections held across France at the weekend. But while it was a severe defeat for President Nicolas Sarkozy's ruling UMP party, the left-wing opposition parties also had little to rejoice over. Stéphane Alliès and Lénaig Bredoux report.