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Phones of five French ministers found to be infected by Pegasus spyware

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 © Photo illustration Sébastien Calvet /Mediapart © Photo illustration Sébastien Calvet /Mediapart

The mobile phones of five French government ministers were targeted by the Pegasus spyware sold to states worldwide by Israeli surveillance technology firm NSO Group, Mediapart can reveal. The presence of “markers” left by the spyware were discovered by an official French probe involving technical analyses of the devices. The development follows on revelations, first published in July, which found evidence that the surveillance tool was notably employed by NSO clients around the globe to target journalists, including two from Mediapart, politicians and regime opponents. Fabrice Arfi and Ellen Salvi report.

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French court fines government 10m euros over air pollution inaction

France's Council of State, the country's highest administrative court, on Wednesday fined the government 10 milion euros for its failure to take appropriate measures to combat air pollution which, according to some estimates, causes around 40,000 premature deaths every year.

France was 'blind' to Rwanda genocide, French report says

The report also said Paris bore "heavy and overwhelming responsibilities" over the 1994 Rwanda genocide, but it found no evidence of French complicity.

Sibeth Ndiaye: the French government's new spokeswoman

Born in Dakar, Senegal, the 39-year-old obtained her citizenship while helping to run President Macron's election campaign in 2016.

French government faces landmark lawsuit over climate inaction

Four French NGOs, including Greenpeace France and Oxfam France, have filed a lawsuit against the French government accusing it of failing to act upon its environmental obligations, a move that was backed by 2.1 million signatures in an online petition.

Macron party chief made interior minister in government reshuffle

A much-awaited French government reshuffle, finally prompted by the resignation of interior minister Gérard Collomb but which followed a string of political upsets for President Emmanuel Macron this summer, saw the appointments on Tuesday of five new ministers, including Macron's party boss and former socialist Christophe Castaner to replace Collomb, and a former conservative filling the departure of scandal-hit culture minister Françoise Nyssen. 

French cyber security boffins warn Macron off Telegram

Fears that foreign-based messaging apps, including Facebook’s WhatsApp and Telegram  a favourite of President Emmanuel Macron –  are open to security breaches have prompted the French government to create its own encrypted messenger service which will be the only system for officials to use by this summer.

Macron appoints socialist in minor government reshuffle

France's Socialist Party has moved to expel Olivier Dussopt, a 39-year-old specialist in regional affairs, after he was made junior minister in the public accounts ministry led by former conservative Les Républicains party member Gérard Darmanin, who Dussopt had recently had fierce exchanges with in parliament, in a minor reshuffle of centrist President Emmanuel Macron's government.

France reduces stake in carmaker Renault

Shares rose in the firm after the French state said it had sold a 4.7 percent stake in Renault for 1.2 billion euros.

Paris attack victims demand answers from French government

In a 3-day hearing more than 1,000 people want details on how their loved ones died and how such a tragedy could have happened in Paris.

Hollande 'squanders' post-Paris attack bounce

'We let gold turn into lead,' admits one minister, saying after terror attacks they got bogged down in endless debates over dual nationality plan.

Christiane Taubira quits: the last left-winger in the French government has now gone

Gone: left-wing justice minister Christiane Taubira. Gone: left-wing justice minister Christiane Taubira.

Justice minister Christiane Taubira quit the French government on Wednesday January 27th over her opposition to controversial plans to strip dual nationals of their French citizenship if they are convicted of terrorism. To the last this iconic figure on the left of French politics showed her flamboyance, Tweeting that “sometimes resisting means going” and later declaring: “I leave the government over a major political disagreement.” As Mediapart's political correspondent Lénaïg Bredoux reports, her replacement as justice minister by Jean-Jacques Urvoas, a close ally of prime minister Manuel Valls, is the final step by this government towards the liberal and security-based political line that President François Hollande has been seeking.

Renault-Nissan peace deal dilutes French state's power

Renault's board approves capping French state's increased weight in shareholder votes and to abandon Renault's right to control Nissan strategy.

France and the shadow of the euro

While the collapse of the French government highlighted policy divisions and personal ambitions, the cause is the crisis in the eurozone.

French government ‘disarray’ in face of an alarming economic scenario


Just before French government members left on their two-week summer holidays earlier this month, they met with President François Hollande for a confidential seminar in which they were presented with an alarming set of economic figures and forecasts that promise dark times when they return to work on August 18th. The deflationist spiral into which Europe is being drawn threatens to destroy all hope of France recovering growth, reducing already chronic unemployment, or of straightening its public accounts. Just as worryingly, the government appears divided and dithering over the policy direction to be adopted to avoid what some business leaders predict could become a new and catastrophic crisis by 2015. Mediapart’s economic and business affairs correspondent Martine Orange reports.