French jihadists

Court orders France to re-examine refusal to repatriate jihadi brides

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The parents of the two women took their fight to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg after French authorities refused to allow their daughters and grandchildren back into France.

President Macron’s U-turn over repatriation of French jihadists

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Speaking during a recent debate with local councillors President Emmanuel Macron insisted: “No programme for a return of jihadists has today been drawn up.” Yet, as Mediapart can reveal, officials at the ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Interior and Justice have in fact been working since the autumn of 2018 on plans for the return of French jihadists held by Kurds in Syria. Matthieu Suc reports on the French government's change of heart.

France's plans to deal with Islamic State's 'child assassins'

France — Investigation

A jihadist from Toulouse in south-west France who fought in Syria has claimed that Islamic State has been planning attacks to be carried out by children in Europe. Though only one suspicious case has been found among the 70 or so minors who have returned to France from the Syria and Iraq battle zones so far, the French authorities are taking the threat seriously. According to Mediapart's information, children aged as young as 13 could be placed in custody when they arrive in France from that region. Matthieu Suc reports.

France says its strikes against IS in Syria may have killed French jihadists

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French prime minister says French jihadists may have been among those killed in an attack on Islamic State training camp near Raqqa last week.

French jihadist reportedly in IS video came from ‘devout Catholic family’

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Mickaël Dos Santos, 22, of Portuguese descent converted to Islam when a teen and was first notice by anti-terrorism police in 2013.