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France frowns on English words such as clickbait and podcast

The Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language (CELF) has published the new list of alternatives in an official government newsletter.

French language watchdog warns public bodies to stop using 'Franglais'

Académie Française said it was 'seriously concerned' about the mixed-language phenomenon in an age of social media and globalised marketing.

Guardians of French language approve ‘feminisation’ of work titles

Academie Française, which has long resisted change, said there was now 'no obstacle in principle'  to the wholesale feminisation of job titles.

Macron vows to make French the world's first language

Speaking to students in Burkina Faso, French president said it would be 'the first language of Africa'  and 'perhapof the world'.

Proposals for gender-neutral written French meets official resistance

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has ruled that official government texts will not use proposed inclusive masculine and feminine forms of nouns and their until-now gramatically subservient adjectives, following in the steps of the nearly all-male (but feminine in title) Académie Française which described calls for gender-neutral written French as a "mortal danger" for the language.  

Author Leïla Slimani appointed to champion French language

Presidential spokesperson said prize-winning Slimani was chosen because she 'represents the open face of Francophonie to a multicultural world'.

Paris region orders French be spoken on construction sites

Rule concerns public construction sites during working time and targets foreign firms that hire cheaper workers from elsewhere in EU.

Haitian-Canadian writer to join guardians of French language

Dany Laferrière becomes both the first Haitian and first Québécois member of the Académie Française.

'Le selfie' enters French dictionary

'Bitcoin’ and ‘captcha’ are also now officially part of the French language despite complaints of an English invasion.