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MPs warn of impending social chaos on French island of Mayotte

Call to address severe poverty and illegal immigration on the Indian Ocean island, ten years after it officially became the 101st department of France. 

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French MPs start debating climate change bill in National Assembly

The draft law - dismissed as inadequate by critics - contains work by 150 randomly-selected French citizens who made more than 100 proposals to fight global warming.

French MPs back curbs on Black Friday promotions

Draft law in French Parliament aimed at cracking down on waste comes amid backlash against US-imported shopping ‘frenzy’.

French government wants to cut number of MPs by a quarter

Executive introduced a draft law that would reduce number of seats in the lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, from 577 to 433.

French MPs vote for 'symbolic' ban on smacking children

Bill on 'corporal punishment' is considered symbolic as it does not sanction parents if they smack their children and is aimed at educating parents.

French MPs approve controversial immigration bill

One MP from ruling LREM, Jean-Michel Clément, rebelled and announced he was quitting the president's party after voting against the reform.

Top Syrian official meets with French parliamentarians in Paris

Syrian deputy foreign minister Ayman Soussan was invited by a group of French MPs to a meeting on the crisis in Syria, held at a Russian cultural centre in Paris, shortly after he was banned from attending a similar event in Brussels. 

French MPs vote to ban abortion websites that intimidate women

French government seeks to criminalise sites that pose as neutral sources of information but in fact promote anti-abortion propaganda.

French MPs vote to recognize Palestine as a state

Vote does not affect France's diplomatic stance but is part of growing effort from Europe to find new ways to push for peace in Middle East.

National Assembly approves law banning MPs from other public offices

The legislation prohibits members of the French or European parliaments from holding local executive offices such as mayorships from 2017.