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French police blame ‘unexpected technical incident’ for Dover delays

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A critical incident was called at the Port of Dover, with bosses claiming they had been ‘let down’ by French border control, who operate on the English side. 

French police 'use tear gas' on fans at Champions League final

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UEFA and French police have blamed Liverpool fans for the delayed kick-off at the Champions League final - but British police say Reds supporters' behaviour was "exemplary".

French police officer faces murder probe after Pont Neuf shooting

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Two people were shot and killed in a car on the famous Parisian bridge Sunday night after the driver reportedly failed to stop for a police patrol.

French police seize Russian cargo ship in Channel

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Officials said it could belong to a Russian company suspected of violating trade sanctions linked to the war in Ukraine.

French police arrest man in connection with Jamal Khashoggi killing

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Police say man, named as Khalid Aedh al-Otaibi, was arrested as he was about to board flight from Paris to Riyadh.

Rights groups take French racial profiling case to top court

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The groups have filed a class action lawsuit against the French state to fix what they contend is a culture of systemic discrimination in identity checks by police. 

French police accused of 'doctoring' statements that led to wrongful convictions face legal probe


Prosecution authorities in France have opened an investigation into police officers who are suspected of having truncated the statements of a key witness and some suspects in relation to a petrol bomb attack on a police patrol car at Viry-Châtillon in the southern suburbs of Paris in 2016. Largely as a result of this doctored evidence some innocent youths were jailed in 2019 and were only released on appeal in April this year. The launch of this new investigation follows formal complaints by five lawyers representing some of those accused, as previously revealed by Mediapart. Pascale Pascariello and Antton Rouget report.

Partygoers, police injured at curfew-busting rave in France

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 A 22-year-old man lost his hand and several others were also injured amid clashes as police tried to break up an unauthorized rave party in near the Brittany town of Redon on Friday night.

How French police are laying down the law to the Republic

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The French Republic should not be subject to the demands of the police. Yet this democratic principle is under challenge from the demonstration held by police officers on Wednesday, May 19th. Organisers of the protest in front of the National Assembly in Paris, which was supported by members of the current government, the far right and the two historic parties of the Left, are demanding minimum sentences for anyone found guilty of attacks on police officers. This undermines one of the key principles of the French Republic, that the police force is there to serve all citizens, and not to seek law changes in its own interest or the interests of the government of the day, argue Mediapart's publishing editor Edwy Plenel and political correspondent Ellen Salvi in this op-ed article.

French police stage protest in Paris against attacks on officers

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Interior minister Gérard Darmanin sparks controversy by attending to ‘show his support’ at protest outside France's National Assembly on Wednesday, held to demand minimum sentences for anyone attacking the police.

The video evidence of how French police sabotaged a Paris demonstration

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Mediapart has gathered and analysed hundreds of videos taken during a demonstration staged in Paris on December 12th 2020 against the French government's controversial “global security” law. Our investigation shows the unlawful nature of dozens of police charges carried out that day. It also documents the arbitrary arrests of demonstrators, baton blows given for no reason and the misleading statements made by interior minister Gérald Darmanin, especially over the nature and outcome of the arrests made. Sébastien Bourdon, Camille Polloni, Antton Rouget and Antoine Schirer investigate.

French police finally shut down illegal New Year's Eve rave

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Party-goers had clashed with police who tried to prevent the event near Rennes, setting a car on fire and throwing bottles.

France mobilises 100,000 police to stop New Year's Eve gatherings

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France has confirmed 2.6m Covid-19 cases, the fifth highest total in the world, and more than 64,000 deaths.

France security law incompatible with human rights, say UN experts

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Special reporters take government in Paris to task over proposed legislation that would give police more power.

French police step up COVID lockdown checks in Paris

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Prime minister Jean Castex has said people are not abiding by the rules as strictly as during the first lockdown back in the spring.