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French tourist attacked by shark in French Polynesia

The woman, 35, was swimming during whale-watching trip off island of Moorea in the French overseas territory when a whitetip shark attacked.

France recognises nuclear tests were 'put upon' Polynesian islands

The Fangataufa atoll in French Polynesia, one of the sites of 193 French nuclear bomb tests in the South Pacific. © Wikipedia The Fangataufa atoll in French Polynesia, one of the sites of 193 French nuclear bomb tests in the South Pacific. © Wikipedia

The French parliament on Thursday adopted a reform of the organic law that sets out the new measures of autonomy granted by Paris to French Polynesia. Importantly, the legislation includes, for the first time in such a text, a finely tuned recognition that the French nuclear tests were imposed on the South Pacific territory – where a total of 193 bombs were exploded underground, at sea and in the open air over three decades, beginning in 1966 – and the “radiation-induced illnesses” these have provoked. Julien Sartre reports.

French Polynesia party lashes out at France after court ruling

Pro-independence party Tavini Huiraatira says President Macron's France has declared open season on its opponents.

French Polynesia pro-independence leader slams nuclear test legacy

Oscar Temaru, campaigning ahead of independence elections in April, has said it was scandalous that France knew about the risks posed to the local population by the 193 nuclear test blasts cordered by Paris in French Polynesia between 1966 and 1996, and demanded that France assume responsibility for the former workers at Moruroa who are now seeking compensation.

Why veteran Polynesian independence leader is to run for French presidency

Oscar Temaru. © Saga70 - Wikimedia commons Oscar Temaru. © Saga70 - Wikimedia commons

Oscar Temaru, the veteran leader of the pro-independence movement in French Polynesia, is hoping to run in this spring’s French presidential elections. He is currently in mainland France to lobby elected representatives, from Members of Parliament to village mayors, for the mandatory 500 signatures of support for his candidature which are required to enter the race. Temaru openly declares he does not want to become president, but instead he hopes to win the vote of a majority of Polynesians in order to declare the archipelago’s independence. Is his campaign a political stunt or a significant challenge to French rule? Julien Sartre reports.    

Controversy over new compensation criteria for Polynesian victims of French nuclear tests


Fifty years ago this month, France began carrying out tests of its nuclear bombs in the Pacific Ocean territory of French Polynesia. These were the first of what would become decades of atmospheric and underground nuclear explosions in total disregard for the health of the local population and environment. After years of campaigning, victims of the fallout earlier this month obtained a revision of the rigorous criteria governing financial compensation paid to those who have developed serious illnesses following the tests, and which in effect bars most from receiving any indemnity. But, as Julien Sartre reports, the move has been slammed by victims’ rights associations as simply tinkering at the edges of a shameful legal refusal to recognise the lethal damage caused by the tests.     

Hollande acknowledges 'consequences' of nuclear tests in Polynesia

French president said he wants to 'turn the page' on tests while hailing Polynesia’s crucial role in developing France’s nuclear capabilities.

First Zika epidemic 'went unnoticed' in French Polynesia

Scientist says that French authorities did not take medical reports about 2013-2014 outbreak in the French overseas territory seriously enough.

Nuclear test compensation main issue as Hollande visits French Polynesia

French head of state starts Pacific tour with visit to Wallis and Futuna, followed by French Polynesia and finally Peru, Argentina and Uruguay.

French-Swiss yachtsman Bourgnon missing while diving in French Polynesia

Bourgnon, who won prestigious Route du Rhum transatlantic sailing race in 1994 and 1998, was on diving trip on his yacht north-east of Tahiti.

French Polynesia to demand Paris $930 million in compensation for nuclear tests

Tests conducted from mid-1960s saw government approved detonation of nearly 200 nuclear tests off secluded atolls in French Polynesia.

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