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French military to join virus fight in France as death toll grows

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President Emmanuel Macron said the military operation, named 'Resilience', will focus on "aiding and supporting the population, as well as helping public services face the epidemic in mainland France and overseas".

Jacques Chirac: an obsession with power

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The former French president Jacques Chirac died on September 26th, at the age of 86. Chirac, who was head of state from 1995 to 2007, and who had previously been prime minister of France and mayor of Paris, leaves behind him 40 years of political combat. But his political legacy is a modest one, the leftover of a career built upon the sole ambition of gaining and clinging on to power. That came at the cost of incessant political trench warfare, alliances and counter-alliances, betrayals and scandals, while blithely shifting positions to court popularity. Mediapart charts the key episodes that mark the political life of a man obsessed with power.

World reacts to death of 'spirited, complex' Jacques Chirac

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Emmanuel Macron says the late president ‘protected France from hate’ while Vladimir Putin praised him as a 'wise and far-sighted statesman'.

Jacques Chirac, former French president, dies aged 86

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Head of state 1995-2007, he was first French president to acknowledge country’s role in Holocaust and led international opposition to Iraq war.

Hollande's surgery re-ignites privacy debate in France

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Many politicians from all sides of the spectrum have been aghast at media revelation about French president's prostate operation in 2011.