French railways

Innovative French cooperative launches railroad revival

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Railcoop, a small French cooperative railways company this week inaugurated its first service, carrying freight for small businesses in the south-west of the country. The cooperative is the first of its kind in Europe, and it has big plans ahead, beginning with the opening next year of a passenger service across central France linking the cities of Bordeaux and Lyon and, along the way, dozens of small towns previously abandoned by France’s historic railways operator, the SNCF. As Nicolas Cheviron reports, for the cooperative's staff and stakeholders the launch this week was a two-year dream come true.

French rail strike weakens in its second week

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Railway operator SNCF said only 10.5% of its workforce are continuing with the now nine-day rolling strike over structural reforms.

French rail commuters sign up for on-board English lessons

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A novel scheme aimed at rail commuters between Paris and eastern France allows commuters to learn English with on-board, teacher-led classes.

French rail strike to paralyse train services Thursday

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After a French air traffic controllers' strike caused two days of chaos in the skies, rail services will be hard hit by an unrelated strike Thursday.

French railways to make yobbish passengers cough up

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French railways operator launches a crackdown on soaring 'uncouth behaviour' on its trains which it says is deterring many people from using them.