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Homage to Hubert Germain, last member of French Resistance order

Germain's coffin and medals of honour were carried through the Invalides monument in Paris, during a military ceremony attended by senior politicians and broadcast on national TV.

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Resistance hero who saved hundreds of Jewish children dies at 108

Georges Loinger, cousin of the famous mime artist and fellow Resistance member Marcel Marceau, who smuggled out of German-occupied France an estimated 350 Jewish children, saving them from possible deportation to death camps, has died at the age of 108.

Resistance hero Raymond Aubrac's lesson on optimism


Raymond Aubrac, one of France’s greatest wartime Resistance figures, who died aged 97 on April 10th, was laid to rest earlier this week in a ceremony with military honours at Les Invalides in Paris, where a choir sang the anthem of the Resistance movement, Le Chant des Partisans. His ashes were later buried in Burgundy alongside those of his wife and life-long companion Lucie, a heroine of the Resistance who died in 2007. The brevity of the tribute paid to Aubrac by the French presidential office highlighted the unease that the glorious dead can cause among the far-from-glorious living, writes Mediapart Editor-in-Chief Edwy Plenel, who pays tribute here to a man who espoused the cause of resistance right up to his death, and whose unfailing combat for equality, social justice and fraternity was fired by unvanquished optimism.

French Resistance leader Raymond Aubrac dies aged 97

Raymond Aubrac, one of the last leaders of the French Resistance movemlent against German occupation in WWII, has died in Paris aged 97.