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French soldier dies in anti-terrorist operation in Mali

Meanwhile West African leaders ended a day-long summit in Bamako without a consensus on how to alleviate Mali's political troubles. 

French soldier shoots attacker outside Louvre

Police say the man who was shot and injured had tried to attack a security patrol with a machete shouting "Allahu Akbar".

French soldier killed, three others wounded, by landmine in Mali

The French defence ministry said a convoy of vehicles was heading north from Gao when a mine exploded under the lead vehicle.

French soldier in Mali dies after 'terrorist' attack, says Hollande

The soldier, a member of a parachute regiment, suffered the injuries in October in the north of Mali when a landmine blew up his vehicle.

French soldier killed in Mali suicide bombing

The member of the Foreign Legion is the ninth French serviceman to die since Paris launched anti-Islamist military campaign in January 2013.

French soldier attack suggests 'Islamist terrorism' says interior minister

Anti-terrorism police are hunting a bearded man, possibly of North African origin, who fled after attacking the soldier in a crowded train station.

French soldier killed in Mali

The commando was killed in northern Mali, bringing the total number of French fatalities since the war against Islamists began in January to six.

French soldier killed in Afghanistan

A French legionnaire was shot dead and another soldier wounded during a Taliban attack on an Afghan army convoy.