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Bomb kills two French soldiers in Mali

The explosion came just days after three others died in similar fashion and their deaths bring to 50 the number of French soldiers killed in the West African nation since France first intervened in 2013.

Three French soldiers killed in Mali

Three French soldiers from the 1st Chasseur regiment were killed on Monday in Mali in the explosion of an improvised device beside their armoured vehicle, bringing the total number of dead among French military personnel since the beginning of anti-jihadist operations in Mali and the Sahel region of west Africa in 2013 to 47.

Two French soldiers killed in Mali

Two French soldiers died and a third was wounded after an explosive device was triggered beside their armoured vehicle in the north-east of Mali, bringing the total number of French military personnel killed since anti-terrorist operations in the country and Sahel region began seven years ago to 45.

French police arrest man after driver 'tried to run over' soldiers

 Driver shouted in Arabic as the soldiers of the 93rd Mountain Artillery Regiment, who were out jogging, managed to avoid oncoming vehicle.

French soldiers' deaths in Libya spark diplomatic row

Libya's UN-recognised government demands explanation from Paris after deaths of three French troops near Benghazi showed a 'violation' of its sovereignty.

French troops held over Central African Republic child sex claims

The four men appear to be the first to face judicial questioning in France since accusations were first made against French peacekeepers last year.

Former French soldiers join jihadists in Syria

French defence minsistry admits explosive experts, former French Foreign Legion troops and elite Parachute Brigade have joined jihadist forces.

How French secretly filmed prison camp life in WWII

Captured French soldiers imprisoned in Austria in 1940 recorded the dire camp conditions using a camera made of parts smuggled in sausages.

Former French peacekeepers convicted of Ivorian man's murder

Three former French soldiers given suspended sentences for their roles in murder of Ivorian man during peacekeeping operations in the African state.