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Court orders French state to 'fix' consequences of its climate failures

Thursday’s ruling gives the French state until 31 December 2022 to find a way to compensate for the extra tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted.

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Children in France's poorest families go hungry during virus lockdown

Volunteers hand out food at Bordeaux in south-west France on April 10th 2020. © Hans Lucas via AFP Volunteers hand out food at Bordeaux in south-west France on April 10th 2020. © Hans Lucas via AFP

Families who usually rely on casual work to make ends meet have been unable to earn money since the lockdown began in France on March 17th. As a result their children are starting to go hungry. On May 15th the French state will pay “emergency aid” of an extra 150 euros to families who already receive welfare benefits. But voluntary groups say this is not soon enough and that help is needed now. To fill the gap left by the state, local support groups have meanwhile been springing up across the country, in some cases led by teachers. Faïza Zerouala reports.

France rules out coronavirus aid for tax-haven businesses

Finance minister Bruno Le Maire also says companies cannot pay dividends while receiving government money.

French state on trial over murders of woman and parents by partner

The sister of a mother of two children who was shot dead with her parents by a partner previously reported to the authorities for domestic violence has brought a court case against the French state for failing to prevent the killings in what her lawyer said was a 'textbook case' of 'neglect at every level'.

More talks due in Renault-Nissan standoff with French government

Franco-Japanese carmaking alliance opposes French State's increased stake while driving force Nissan wants bigger share and rights in the group.

Renault-Nissan management 'hatches plan to lower French government control'

Japanese media report Renault plans to lower its stake in the alliance to give Nissan voting rights and counter French state's 19.7% shareholding.

French state to up its stake in Air France-KLM

The move, in a plan to keep key firms under French control, is for an extra 5.1 million shares at 46m euros, and follows similar move at Renault.

France sells minority stake in Toulouse airport to Chinese-led consortium

Economy minister insists controversial sale of share in biggest airport in south-west France is not 'privatisation' but 'opening up of capital'.

Lossmaking Peugeot confirms €3bn deal with Dongfeng and France

End of an era as Peugeot family loses control of a company it has run since the early days of steam-powered cars in 1889.

Minister says France 'totally bankrupt'

French employment minister Michel Sapin has caused his government major embarassment after he described the country as “totally bankrupt”.