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Central African Republic crisis: France sends more troops

Around French 200 troops have arrived, with another 500 expected imminently, in a bid to restore order after a rebel takeover.

France sends 1,000 troops to crisis-hit Central African Republic

The peace-keeping force will join another 420 French troops already on the ground amid fears that the CAR is on the brink of a bloody civil war.

French soldiers kill Indian nationals amid CAR unrest

French troops guarding the airport at the Central African Republic's capital Bangui, to which rebels are advancing, shot dead two Indian nationals.

Fierce fighting as rebels resurge in northern Mali

Zones of northern Mali recaptured by French-led forces see rebel resurgence as Mali army struggles to secure parts of Gao and Timbuktu.

Troops from Napoleon's 1812 Russia campaign buried in Belarus

An official burial ceremony is held in Belarus for 110 Napoleonic soldiers who died in a major battle in 1812 against the Russian army.

French soldier dies, two others wounded, in Taliban ambush

Death toll of French armed forces in Afghanistan rises to 88 after a soldier dies from wounds after a Taliban ambush in Kapisa province.

France officially begins Afghanistan withdrawal

President Hollande's pledge to withdraw all French troops from Afghanistan this year begins with formal ceremony, two years before NATO pullout.

Four French troops dead, five wounded in Afghanistan suicide attack

Four French troops were killed and another five wounded in a suicide bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday.

Four French soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Four French soldiers were killed, and 16 others wounded, in Afghanistan after a serviceman from the Afghan National Army opened fire on them.

Roadside bomb wounds 5 French peacekeepers in south Lebanon

A roadside bomb struck a vehicle carrying UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon on Friday, wounding five French soldiers and a Lebanese bystander.

France begins withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

France is pulling out nearly 200 troops from Afghanistan, kickstarting withdrawals announced three months ago by Paris.

France's Bastille Day celebrations clouded by Afghanistan deaths

The traditional French military parade for Bastille Day was overshadowed by the deaths of six French soldiers in Afghanistan in 24 hours.

France to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

During a visit to Afghanistan Tuesday Nicolas Sarkozy said France will withdraw a quarter of its 4,000 troops from the country by end of 2012.