French universities

French academics unfazed by Shanghai Ranking of universities

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The 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities downgraded France’s four highest-placed universities in comparison with last year. 

Virus fears at French universities hold lessons for rest of Europe

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At least a dozen COVID-19 clusters have emerged since French campuses and classrooms opened this month.

Why hike in French tuition fees will hit Tunisian students hard


Many families in Tunisia take great pride in being able to send their children to university in France. Already the recent fall in the value of the dinar has made it harder for Tunisians to afford to study in French establishments. Now plans by the French authorities to increase tuition fees for students coming from non-EU countries threatens to shatter the dreams of many Tunisians hoping to study in France. Lilia Blaise reports.

French universities to lure foreign students with more English courses

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Prime minister Édouard Philippe says increasing the number of foreigners studying in the country would help build French influence overseas.

Three French universities among Shanghai top 100

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The Shanghai Ranking's 'Academic Ranking of World Universities' takes into account six criteria to rank the top 500 of the world’s 1,200 listed universities.