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France to phase out single-use plastics

Single-use plates, cups, and cotton buds were banned from January 1st; more will be banned next year, in first steps towards goal of phasing out all single-use plastics by 2040.

Muslim headscarf debate divides France, in climate of hate

France is experiencing a  'venomous national debate' that is scrambling questions over the headscarf, Islam, immigration and radicalization.

France postpones exams over concerns for pupils in 'record' heatwave

Education minister says decision to postpone Le Brevet a week taken to 'guarantee security of the pupils' with temperatures set to reach 40C. 

French Islamic State accused handed over to face trial in Iraq

Iraqi president Barham Saleh said the 13 were handed over by Syrian Kurdish forces last month.

France, China launch first joint satellite to study climate change

The satellite, launched from China, will study ocean surface winds and waves around the clock and aims to help the better prediction of cyclones.

Guardians of French language seek to ban expression 'fake news'

Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language (CELF) has offered another possibility for French speakers - 'infox'.

The French 'children' forgotten in Belarus

Formerly displaced people from Europe were tempted 'home' to USSR but lost their previous nationality and suffered poverty and repression.

French air traffic controllers cause 'third of delays over Europe'

Report by French senate says strikes cost airlines €300 million a year and force some planes to skirt the country to shorten flight times.

Iraqi court sentences French woman to life for joining IS group

Mélina Boughedir, who left her home in France with her four children in 2015 to follow her husband to Iraq, was sentenced to life by Iraqi court.

French public opposes arms sales to Saudi-led Yemen coalition

Poll shows 75% of French people want President Emmanuel Macron to suspend arms exports to countries involved in the Yemeni war.

French retailers sold baby milk despite possible Salmonella risk

Ministers threaten sanctions after country’s big supermarkets said recalled Lactalis baby foods had still found their way onto shop shelves.

God can no longer lead sinners astray in new French Lord's Prayer

From this Sunday, the new version of the prayer will say 'Do not let us enter into temptation' - shifting the emphasis of sin more onto the sinner.

Can French really become the world's major language?

Author Steven Poole says Macron’s big ambition for French language is optimistic but nothing more than an enjoyable bit of grandiose rhetoric.

France and Italy reach 'win-win' deal over STX shipyard

Deal, which aims to create a world leader in naval industry, ends dispute after France had unexpectedly blocked a takeover by an Italian firm.

Starched stiff: a translator's view of UN-speak French

By Santiago Artozqui (En attendant Nadeau)
Inside United Nations headquaters in New York. © Reuters Inside United Nations headquaters in New York. © Reuters

Like most international institutions, the United Nations functions in several languages, demanding the translation of its thousands upon thousands of documents of various kinds into six tongues. But the task of its professional translators is far from straightforward, as Santiago Artozqui, a translator of UN texts from English to French, explains here. Not least is what he calls “a misplaced Atticism” required of French-language documents which “dunks the language in starch and leaves it as stiff as the shirt of a notable”.