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French minister compares veil wearers to 'negroes who accepted slavery'

Laurence Rossignol sparked a row after she appeared on French TV and criticised fashion brands that market hijabs as 'irresponsible'.

Dutch police arrest French citizen over 'terror attack plans'

The 32-year-old was arrested in Holland at the request of the French authorities and is suspected of planning attacks in France.

French prime minister calls for tighter border security

Manuel Valls urged extra vigilance to stop people entering Europe on false passports as IS has 'stolen a large number of passports in Syria'.

French PM says 600-plus people have left France for Syria or Iraq

Figures show little let-up in numbers joining Islamic State despite bombing of IS strongholds and crackdown by authorities within France.

French, Belgian police in Brussels raids over Paris terror attacks

Three officers were reportedly wounded in shoot-out during raid to arrest November 13th Paris attacks suspects, while at least two men fled the scene. 

Four French nationals killed in Ivory Coast beach resort attack

President Hollande confirmed four French deaths among the 18 people killed by gunmen in an attack claimed by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

France's Hollande warns of Brexit 'consequences'

Asked about impact of EU exit by UK on border controls in Calais, president said: 'I don't want to scare you .. but there will be consequences.'

Changes to spellings of over 2,000 French words sparks outrage

Change that has sparked most fury is removal of traditional circumflex accent, which will vanish above vowels 'i' and 'u' in certain words.

French schools 'allow smoking on grounds' because of terror threat

Union representing head teachers and senior staff says students massing on the street constitutes even higher risk than that posed by tobacco.

France makes final attempt to salvage stricken freighter

Freighter Modern Express, adrift for six days, has 300 tons of fuel on board and is expected to hit French Atlantic coast within 24 hours.

Jacques Rivette, French New Wave film director, dies at 87

Though Rivette never achieved celebrity status of François Truffaut or Jean-Luc Godard his often enigmatic work was revered by film fans.

Hollande defiant after IS release video of Paris attackers

President says threats will not weaken French resolve after video shows attackers training, beheading and shooting captives in IS territory.

French designer Courrèges dies aged 92

André Courrèges, who battled Parkinson’s disease for 30 years, revolutionized fashion in the 1960s and helped popularise miniskirts.

French daredevil falls to his death preparing for stunt

Renowned stuntman Tancrede Melet accidentally fell 98ft while holding onto a hot air balloonin in southern France. 

French explorer Jacques Cousteau's Calypso to sail again

The ship from 1970s TV series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau was badly damaged in 1996 in an accident in Singapore.