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France's Socialists split over plan to strip terrorists of nationality

Members of ruling party want key committee to rule that President Hollande and Prime Minister Valls's idea is against its principles.

France warns of jihadist kidnap threats in Burkina Faso park

The UNESCO World Heritage park, which attracts thousands of tourists, is being targeted by Malian jihadists say French officials.

President Hollande calls on French to display national flags

France's head of state will lead a ceremony during a day of mourning on Friday for the 130 people killed by jihadists on 13 November 13th.

France launches fresh strikes on Islamic State

Attacks come as US defence secretary urges European allies to join forces to defeat IS and French police raid 128 addresses overnight.

Marine Le Pen refuses TV debate after bias row

TV channel forced to cancel its high-profile programme when head of France's far-right Front National pulled out at last minute.

Legal battle over Muslims' access to pork-free school lunches in France


With the support of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, a right-wing mayor in eastern France is stopping the provision of alternative meals for Muslim pupils in his town's school canteens when pork is on the menu. Mediapart's Michaël Hajdenberg was in court to hear an attempt by a Muslim organisation to get this controversial decision stopped.

France struggles to deport rejected asylum claims, says auditor

Watchdog says France spends too much money on asylum seekers, too few failed applicants are being deported and the process is too long.

French fighters bomb Islamic State training camp in Syria

French defence minister said Rafale jets hit a training camp near northern town of Raqqa in a second attack on IS targets inside Syria.

Journalists take new French spy law to European human rights court

French legal press association says that it will ask court to strike down the sweeping powers the law gives to intelligence agencies.

Centrists force Sarkozy to ditch ally over 'white race' France comments


A leading candidate from the right-wing Les Républicains (LR) party looks set to be de-selected from December's regional elections after she described France as a “white race” country. However, party boss Nicolas Sarkozy only ditched loyalist Nadine Morano after days of public controversy and mounting pressure from the party's centrist allies. As Ellen Salvi reports, the episode highlights the divide between the views of the LR leadership and those of grassroots members.

French radio goes to war with language quotas in fight for musical freedom

Government plans law to stop radio stations circumventing rules that state that 40 percent of songs played must be in French.

Another French soldier in Central African Republic accused of sexual abuse

Allegations that French soldier sexually abused a girl in her mid-to-late teens is latest in series of claims against peacekeeping forces.

French investigators: wing part is from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Paris prosecutor said investigators had linked serial number on flaperon with a number on the Boeing 777 that disappeared in 2014.

Angry French farmers are invading Paris with an army of tractors

Hundreds tractors set to flood the boulevards of Paris in Thursday as farmers protest over declining food prices and cheap imports.

French journalists accused of trying to blackmail Moroccan king

Two writers face probe after allegedly asking for money in exchange for not publishing 'damaging' book about King Mohammed VI.