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France to double number of Islamic university courses

Prime minister Manuel Valls says improving home-grown Islamic education is essential to defeating the ignorance that fuels extremists and far right.

Pessimistic French more optimistic about EU

According to a poll, 41 percent of French people view the EU positively, up from 31 percent a year ago and the highest since 2008.

French PM condemns MPs for meeting Syria's Assad

Manuel Valls said it was an 'ethical' mistake for three French MPs to meet Syrian leader whom the prime minister described as a 'butcher'.

Kidnapped French woman had been due to leave Yemen 'within days'

Isabelle Prime, 30, who worked for Ayala Consulting on a World Bank-funded project, was the only member of firm's staff left in Yemen.

French woman kidnapped in Yemen

The 30-year-old woman, who is believed to have ties with the World Bank, was taken by unidentified armed men in the capital Sanaa.

Sanofi under fire in France over new CEO's pay package

Government spokesman Stéphane Le Foll blasted €4 million golden 'hello' package for pharma firm's Olivier Brandicourt 'incomprehensible'.

French Muslim group boycotts Jewish event over 'criminals' quip

Snub came after comments by the head of the French Jewish organisation CRIF that 'all violence today is committed by young Muslims'.

French chefs hit back as nation slips down global cuisine rankings

New list of top restaurants compiled by gastronomic magazine Le Chef claims six of the world’s top chefs are in fact French.

French court allows gay French-Moroccan couple to wed

Judges in France rule that the couple can marry despite the North African kingdom’s refusal to recognise same-sex marriages.

Spain jet crash deaths rise to 11 as French airman dies

The airman - the ninth member of the French Air Force to die in the tragedy - suffered serious burns and died at a Madrid hospital.

Eight French among dead in fighter jet crash in Spain

The Greek F-16 crashed during take-off at a NATO training centre at Albacete, southeast of Madrid, killing ten and injuring up to 19.

France’s Louvre keeps title as world’s most-visited museum

Total number of tourists who came in 2014 to admire works of art and antiquities including Da Vinci's Mona Lisa was 9.3 million.

French economy minister complains France has 'protected jobs rather than people'

But Emmanuel Macron also said at technology show in Las Vegas that creation and innovation are 'part of the French DNA'.

French prison guards warn Marseille jail has become a 'holiday camp'

Inmates of Baumettes prison near Marseille ran a Facebook page that showed them posing with mobile phones, cannabis and fistfuls of cash.

Mystery of how Egypt's pyramids were built 'solved' by retired French postman

Amateur Egyptologist Michel Michel, who has spent the last 40 years examining the problem, claims the Eqyptians used a series of ramps.