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Rachida Dati warns French to stop Far Right by turning out in European polls

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Former justice minister and Sarkozy protegée says high turnout can help combat threat of 'ultra-violent, ultra-racist and populist' parties.

‘To exit Europe, is to exit history,’ France's Hollande warns

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Attacking a growing tide of Euroscepticism in France, Hollande said that the EU had brought peace and economic stability to the continent.

France's Front National leader 'opens arms' to UKIP party

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But British anti-European Union party says it is not interested in a deal because of 'prejudice and anti-Semitism in particular' in the FN's 'DNA'.

France's far right leader blames EU for new 'cold war'

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In visit to Moscow, Marine Le Pen says it is the European Union that declared 'cold war' on Russia by seeking closer ties with Ukraine.

The Reporters Without Borders founder now a mayor with the French far-right


Robert Ménard, co-founder of the renowned NGO Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières), which has mounted a fierce global campaign over almost a quarter of a century to promote freedom of expression and to defend journalists from persecution, was last weekend elected mayor of Béziers, a large town in southern France. But Ménard’s political ascension has proved to be a severe embarrassment for the NGO, for he was elected with the full backing of France’s far-right Front National party. With the help of Ménard’s former colleagues, Marine Turchi traces the bizarre path of the admired and reviled maverick activist whose early political affiliation was with a French Trotskyist party.  

French far-right mayors reinstate pork in school canteens

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The Front National party, which since last weekend controls 12 French town halls, says no 'religious requirements' on menus will be tolerated.

French far-right eye a coup in former papal city of Avignon

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The Front National party has an outside chance of gaining control of the city hall in this weekend's final round of municpal elections.

Electoral surge of French far-right leaves only losers among mainstream parties

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The dust has settled after the first round of voting in nationwide municipal elections in France, and a new political landscape has emerged even before the final round of voting next Sunday. Amid an abstention rate of more than 36%, the ruling Socialist Party has suffered a heavy defeat, likely to become a debacle in the second round. But it is the far-right Front National party which can claim victory, and not the mainstream conservative opposition. Hubert Huertas analyses the first-round results which see the far-right now become a part of the fabric of local politics in France. 

Local election results show far-right now France's third political force

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After first-round voting in municipal elections, the Front National party is hopeful of controlling the town halls of 15 medium-sized towns.

Le Pen predicts daughter France's next president

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Founder of far-right National Front says Marine Le Pen will prevail in 2017 as both current government and main opposition party struggle.

Defining just who lies behind the blue-collar vote for France's far-right


France is gearing up for municipal elections later this month when, political observers and opinion poll surveys forecast, the far-right Front National party is set to make significant gains. Its leader, Marine Le Pen, lays claim strong support among blue-collar workers, as illustrated by the vote the party attracted among a significant number of former left-wing heartlands during the 2012 presidential and legislative elections. This relatively recent development is often interpreted as a swing of allegiance on the part of a disillusioned electorate of the Left. But that perception is a myth according to the results of detailed studies by sociologists Nonna Mayer and Florent Gougou. They presented their research at a Paris conference on voting patterns for the far-right, where Marine Turchi recorded their sometimes surprising findings.    

Making themselves heard: why sacked workers David and Stéphanie will vote for the far-right Front national

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When abattoir employees David and Stéphanie watched TV reports of workers in bitter disputes with bosses over factory closures, they insisted it could never happen to them. Their abattoir in Brittany was reputed to provide 'jobs for life'. But then last October the news struck that the plant was to close, leaving David, Stéphanie and more than 800 other workers out of a job. Here the couple tell Mediapart's Rachida El Azzouzi about their shock at being thrown out of work, their anger at the government in Paris and explain why for the first time they intend to vote for Marine Le Pen's far-right party.

French Far Right hopes for major gains in European elections

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Opinion polls and local election victory chart rise of the National Front, whose progress in France mirrors that of nationalist parties elsewhere.

Front National candidate likens France's black justice minister to an ape

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The far-right party has suspended the candidate after she posted a photomontage on Facebook of Guyanese-born minister as a clothed ape.

Far-right by-election win shakes mainstream parties

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The Front National party victory in a by-election in Brignoles mirrors a surge in support for the far-right shown in opinion surveys.