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French central bank okays closure of Le Pen accounts

Head of far-right Front National accused banks of 'banking fatwa' after Société Générale and Crédit du Nord shut down her party's accounts.

France's National Front number two quits as tensions split party

Florian Philippot, seen as champion of party’s opposition to the euro, quit the party after being stripped of strategic and communications role.

France's National Front on verge of split after election setback

Marine Le Pen’s relationship with former close aide Florian Philippot has become so strained experts say it has reached the point of no-return.

France's Front National in brainstorming rethink of policies and name

The far-right party, shaken by its collapse in support at the final post of May's presidential election, is holding a two-day closed-door meeting to debate what its leader Marine Le Pen called a 're-founding of the Front National', including a re-think of its policies that France should leave the eurozone and European Union, while also pondering a change of its name.

France's Le Pen put under formal investigation over EU funds

Le Pen, who is being investigated for breach of trust, has previously denied any wrongdoing in a case that she has said is politically motivated.

French far-right leader Le Pen loses her lustre

Far-right Front National party leader Marine Le Pen once dreamed of leading the principal opposition party to Emmanuel Macron and of marshaling a hundred or more members of parliament to push her party's hard nationalist agenda, but now she could well end up as its only member in the National Assembly.

Le Pen niece and MP quits active role with the Front National

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 27, the hardline niece of far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen and one of the party's two MPs, said she has decided for 'personal and political reasons' to quit active politics in a decision her grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen described as a 'desertion'.

FN forced to replace party leader who denied Nazis used poison gas

In 2000 Jean-François Jalkh was recorded saying that it was 'impossible' that Nazis used Zyklon B in concentration camps during World War II.

Le Pen steps down as head of far-right party in bid to widen appeal

By distancing herself from the party founded by her father in 1972, Marine Le Pen hopes to reach out to new potential voters in second round.

Far-right French presidential candidate pledges to suspend immigration

Front National party leader Marine Le Pen, who opinion polls place second in voting intentions for the first-round this Sunday, has said that if elected she would introduce 'a moratorium on all legal immigration to stop this frenzy, this uncontrolled situation that is dragging us down'.

Suspected arson attack on Front National offices in central Paris

A fire at the entrance to the presidential election campaign offices of the far-right party's leader and candidate Marine Le Pen close to the Elysée Palace caused minor damage in what police said was a suspected arson attack. 

Marine Le Pen: who's funding France's far right?

The cash-strapped far-right Front National has been forced to turn to Russian banks to help fund it.

Le Pen holds talks with Putin in Moscow

The French far-right leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, when she also spoke to Russia's lower house, the Duma, when she called for international sanctions against the country to be lifted.

How France's poor are turning to Marine Le Pen

By Nonna Mayer

In 2012 the Left attracted its biggest shares of votes in the presidential election from the poorest sectors of society. But after François Hollande's presidency that support has dwindled. In the regional elections in 2015 this electorate turned instead towards the far-right Front National, headed by Marine Le Pen. The signs are that large numbers of France's poorest voters will also back Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election in April. Academic and Front National specialist Nonna Mayer analyses the figures.

Why France's rural populations feel 'abandoned'


The Aube département or county in the north-east of France is a rural area that also has pockets of industrialisation. Here, apart from the 'fake jobs' controversy surrounding right-wing candidate François Fillon, the presidential election campaign seems not to have had much of an impact so far. This has left the far-right Front National to take advantage of the relative indifference of the other candidates towards issues affecting those who live in the French countryside. Mathilde Goanec reports.