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French far-right leader is 'eager' for presidential election to start

Front National leader Marine Le Pen, speaking at her party's annual rally in southern France, said she was eager to start debates with opponents, some still undeclared, in the run-up to the April and May 2017 elections.

Rural France pledges to vote for Marine Le Pen as president

Head of Front National wants to be seen as above the fray of same-old-same-old elite and as someone who will give France back to the French.

Rap star Verdun commemoration show cancelled after far-right protests

Front National said Black M, due to perform at the late-May remembrance ceremony of WWI battle, has recorded songs calling France a country of infidels.

Front National party founder fined over gas chambers comments

Jean-Marie Le Pen, 87, was convicted of contesting crimes against humanity with remark that WWII extermination gas chambers were "a detail" of history.

France's Front National party 'set up offshore system': Panama Papers

The far-right party used 'shell companies and false invoices' to hide money via Panama and other states, according to latest PP leaks published in France.

Caught on tape: savage beating by militants close to France's Front National

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Scenes from the graphic video showing the attack carried out by members of the French extreme-right group GUD. Scenes from the graphic video showing the attack carried out by members of the French extreme-right group GUD.

The head of the extreme-right French group the Groupe Union Défense or GUD in Paris, Logan Djian, has been placed under formal investigation for “aggravated violence” over the assault of a former head of the same group. Mediapart has obtained copies of nine video clips which show the full savagery of the attack. Mediapart can also reveal that investigators are examining where the 25,000 euros for Dijian's bail came from, amid suspicions that it came from a company set up by a senior figure in Marine Le Pen's far-right Front National. Marine Turchi and Thierry Vincent report.

France's Le Pen raises pressure on daughter, hinting at rival party

Front National founder threatens creation of rival movement if she refuses to make room for ultra-conservatives within party she now leads.

Police raid Front National HQ in European Parliament funds probe

The far-right party is suspected of using assistants paid salaries by the European Parliament for local party work in France.

French prosecutor opens probe into Marine Le Pen's wealth

Investigation is into claims that far-right Front National leader and her father Jean-Marie Le Pen misrepresented extent of their wealth.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen questioned in fraud probe

Her Front National party faces probe over misuse of company assets and conspiracy to commit fraud at national elections in 2012.

Fifty years on: role of French Algerians in domestic politics

Mounument to the Pieds-Noirs on the promenade des Anglais in Nice. © Hélène Staes Mounument to the Pieds-Noirs on the promenade des Anglais in Nice. © Hélène Staes

Following Algeria's independence from France in 1962 around 800,000 Algerians of French descent, known as 'Pieds-Noirs', resettled in mainland France, many of them in the south of the country. It has long been assumed that the presence of so many of these repatriated settlers was a major factor in the political rise of the far-right Front National in the Mediterranean region of France. But as Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis reports, the supposed influence of this ageing group of voters may largely be a myth.

French tycoon Bernard Tapie announces return to politics

Ex-minister embroiled in scandal over which IMF boss Christine Lagarde faces court wants to fight youth unemployment and rise of far-right.

What would happen in a region run by France's far-right

The anti-immigration Front National hopes to win three regions in voting this weekend, and plans changes to please grassroots supporters if it does.

Poll dampens far-right hopes in regional election final round

Poll suggests Front National leader Marine Le Pen and niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen could both lose in regions they scored highly in on Sunday.

How the far-right handed Sarkozy his dismissal notice

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Vote counting in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region. © Reuters Vote counting in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region. © Reuters

Among all the political casualties of the first round of France’s regional elections last weekend, when the far-right Front National party achieved a landslide share of votes cast, none was left in poorer shape than Nicolas Sarkozy, leader of the recently-renamed conservative opposition party, Les Républicains.  The success of the Front National, and the retreat of support for the conservatives, is widely forecast to be sealed in next Sunday’s final round of voting. Mediapart editor François Bonnet and political correspondent Ellen Salvi analyse why the former president, since his return to active politics 18 months ago, has failed to reconstruct the mainstream Right, and how, by perpetually mimicking the far-right, he has handed them victory.