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Socialists fear options after regional rout in SE France

Election billboards in Nice. © ES Election billboards in Nice. © ES

France’s far-right Front National (FN) party is hoping to take control of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in nationwide regional elections played out today and next Sunday. The council of this south-east corner of France has been run for 17 years by the Socialist Party, which is now predicted to receive a drubbing. The main predicament facing the socialists after the first round is whether or not to withdraw their list of candidates for the benefit of the hard-right conservative candidate to defeat the FN. But, as Ellen Salvi reports from Nice, even collective political suicide may not be enough to stop the increasingly popular far-right.

France goes to the polls in regional elections

Far-right Front national party hopes to win control of two regions, while conservatives tipped for wide gains and ruling socialists for large defeat.

Nicolas Sarkozy rules out alliance with socialists to defeat far-right

The ex-president and now conservative opposition leader said no joint deals will be made to bar Front National from wins in regional elections.

France’s regional elections made volatile by Paris attacks

Nieulle-sur-Seudre. © Mathieu Magnaudeix Nieulle-sur-Seudre. © Mathieu Magnaudeix

Next Sunday France goes to the polls to elect the members of the councils ruling the country’s new administrative regions, and which will be an important test of the popularity of the far-right Front National party tipped to draw strongly increased support. The two-round elections for the 13 new super-regions, created in a reform earlier this year from 22 previous regions, are overshadowed by the immense shock felt across France after the terrorist massacres in Paris last month. Mathieu Magnaudeix travelled before and after the attacks to the new Aquitaine-Poitou-Charentes-Limousin region in south-west France where, bucking the trend, the Socialist Party was confident of victory. On his return visit last weekend, he found that optimism had completely disappeared in the aftermath of the attacks.

French employers federation warns against voting for far-right

Medef boss Pierre Gattaz was speaking ahead of regional elections next weekend, when the Front National is tipped to make strong gains.

French far-right sees popularity rise after Paris attacks

Front National's Marion Maréchal Le Pen ahead in polls in PACA region in southern France ahead of December's regional elections.

Far-right 'poster girl' aims to grab Riviera in regional elections

Front National’s Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 25, is at the fore of a crucial new battle in the party’s grassroots rise across France.

French political intrigue behind escape of Dominican Republic 'cocaine' pilots

L'eurodéputé FN Aymeric Chauprade et les deux pilotes. © Twitter / a_chauprade L'eurodéputé FN Aymeric Chauprade et les deux pilotes. © Twitter / a_chauprade

Revelations about the dramatic escape by two French pilots from the Dominican Republic made headlines in France this week. The two men, convicted of cocaine trafficking, fled the Caribbean country thanks to a well-organised plan while they were on house arrest pending an appeal. But the affair took on a political flavour, too, as anger rose in the Dominican Republic about the pilots' escape and amid claims that some French government agencies were involved. In particular a Euro MP and close ally of Marine Le Pen has belatedly admitted that he was directly involved in the extraction operation. Michel Deléan, Louise Fessard and Marine Turchi report.

French socialists' struggle for direction

As far-right National Front party surges in polls for December local elections, French politics are relentlessly driven from the Right, argues NYT.

Poll gives far-right victory in French socialist bastion in December elections

Opinion survey finds Front National party will win Nord-Pas-de-Calais in north-east France from the socialists in year-end regional elections.

Front National party placed under investigation for fraud

The French far-right party, reeling from internal disputes, is suspected of defrauding the state by inflating campaign expenses in 2012 elections.

France’s National Front taps into rising anti-immigrant mood

Fifty-five per cent of French people oppose a softening of asylum rules, according to an opinion poll published on Sunday.

Jean-Marie Le Pen launches new political party in France

Founder of far-right Front National, who was kicked out last month after row with daughter Marine, unveils ‘Blue-White-Red rally’ party.

France's Marine Le Pen accused of using fake Twitter account to spread message

Le Monde newspaper claims leader of far-right Front National has been using pseudonym Anne Lalanne to tweet to her followers.

Marine Le Pen calls for end to all immigration to France

Head of far-right Front National said legal immigration should end and migrants without right documents should not get state health care.