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France’s National Front taps into rising anti-immigrant mood

Fifty-five per cent of French people oppose a softening of asylum rules, according to an opinion poll published on Sunday.

Jean-Marie Le Pen launches new political party in France

Founder of far-right Front National, who was kicked out last month after row with daughter Marine, unveils ‘Blue-White-Red rally’ party.

France's Marine Le Pen accused of using fake Twitter account to spread message

Le Monde newspaper claims leader of far-right Front National has been using pseudonym Anne Lalanne to tweet to her followers.

Marine Le Pen calls for end to all immigration to France

Head of far-right Front National said legal immigration should end and migrants without right documents should not get state health care.

French far-right Front National party expells founder Jean-Marie Le Pen

The decision on Thursday follows months of feuding between the anti-Semitic provocateur and his daughter who replaced him as party leader.

France's Front National 'waging culture war on artists'

Far-right mayor angers artists with plans to make them earn their subsidised rent by looking after primary school children for free.

France’s National Front: 94% of party members want Jean-Marie Le Pen out

Though the vote has no legal value, it could undermine Le Pen’s efforts to cling on as honorary president of far-right party he founded.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen loses third legal battle to oust father

Le Pen's attempt to remove her father by postal ballot as honorary president of the Front National party she leads is anulled by a French court.

French court overturns Jean-Marie Le Pen's suspension from Front National

Judges order the far-right party to 'restore' Le Pen's position as honorary president two months after he was ousted by daughter Marine.

Marine Le Pen to stand in French regional elections

President of the far-right Front National plans to compete for power in northern region normally considered a stronghold of the French Left.

France's Front National forms group in European Parliament

Marine Le Pen's far-right party  has created a 'Europe of Nations and Freedoms' group, giving them extra funding, staffing and political clout.

Front National activists 'burned cars' to stoke insecurity fears in Paris suburb

One of the six far-right militants, who allegedly burned 13 vehicles, later posted an open letter calling for tougher security in Mitry-Mory.

France's far-right Front National calls for EU referendum

FN's Florian Philippot says French President François Hollande should 'follow the British example' and hold a vote on EU membership.

Madame Le Pen and a secret Swiss bank account

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Jean-Marie et Jany Le Pen le 21 janvier 2007. © Reuters Jean-Marie et Jany Le Pen le 21 janvier 2007. © Reuters

Jany Le Pen, wife of the founder of France's far-right Front National party, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has held a secret bank account in Switzerland, according to information obtained by Mediapart. That brings to three the number of hidden Swiss accounts associated with Jean-Marie Le Pen, and France's special prosecutor for financial fraud is now understood to be investigating the former FN president's financial affairs in Switzerland. The affair also throws the spotlight on socialite Jany Le Pen, Jean-Marie's second wife, to whom he has been married for 24 years. Though she usually steers clear of party political issues, Jany Le Pen has on occasions acted as the FN founder's de facto emissary. Karl Laske and Marine Turchi look at the new allegations and examine the profile of a woman who has shared Jean-Marie Le Pen's life for more than a quarter of a century.

Far-right party founder Le Pen sets up counter group in split with daughter

The Front National family feud sees former paratrooper launching a splinter group amid attacks on gay officials surrounding his daughter.