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Front National founder Le Pen disowns daughter

Jean-Marie Le Pen, suspended from the party for anti-Semitic slurs, says he is 'ashamed' the party's leader, his daughter, shares his name.

Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen excluded from party

Le Pen, 86, is suspended from the far-right party he once led for repeating anti-Semitic jibes amid a row with its current head, his daughter Marine.

France's Marine Le Pen says father should no longer speak in party name

Rift deepens between Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of far-right Front National, and his daughter, the party president, over gas chamber comments.

Front National feud: Jean-Marie Le Pen pulls out of election bid

The 86-year-old founder of the far-right party will not fight regional elections, easing the row with his daughter Marine, the party's leader.

Le Pen father and daughter feud rocks far-right Front National

FN head Marine Le Pen says her father is hijacking the party he founded by repeating pro-Nazi comments and calling French PM 'the immigrant'.

Crimea, Russian loans and the Le Pens: the Kremlin's intriguing SMS messages

Aymeric Chauprade, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser et Marine Le Pen au parlement européen, le 27 novembre 2014. © Reuters Aymeric Chauprade, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser et Marine Le Pen au parlement européen, le 27 novembre 2014. © Reuters

Secret text messages hacked from a senior official at the Kremlin highlight an intriguing coincidence between the Front National's support for the annexation of Crimea and the payment in subsequent months of 11 million euros in Russian bank loans to its president Marine Le Pen and her father Jean-Marie for party funding. SMS messages between two Russians refer to Marine Le Pen's recognition of the results of the Crimean referendum on March 17th, 2014, and the fact that she should be “thanked” in some way for it. The following month Jean-Marie Le Pen's micro party received a 2-million-euro loan from the offshoot of a Russian state bank subsidiary, while in September 2014 the Front National borrowed 9 million euros from the Moscow-based First Czech Russian Bank. Marine Le Pen has dismissed any link between the party's policy on Crimea and the loans. Agathe Duparc, Karl Laske and Marine Turchi investigate.

France's National Front struggles to turn popularity into power

Party's bid for power held back by distaste for its anti-immigration policies and election system that allows voters to block it from office.

French local elections second round: results and reactions

French voters have inflicted a major defeat on the ruling Socialist Party and its allies in Sunday's local elections. The Left lost control of 25 of the départements or counties that it held before the election, leaving it in the majority in just 34. In contrast, the alliance between the right-wing UMP - headed by Nicolas Sarkozy - and the centrists UDI is now in control of  66 département councils in a dramatic shift of power in French local politics. The far-right Front National, meanwhile, failed in its bid to win control in a council for the first time in its history though it did see around 60 councillors elected. The outcome is widely seen as a major slap in the face delivered by voters to President François Hollande's government. The Right won power both in the president's political stronghold and that of the prime minister Manuel Valls. Conceding the serious setback for the socialists, Valls also highlighted the performance of Marine Le Pen's party as a “defeat for all Republicans”. But he has vowed to stay on as head of government and - to the dismay of some on the Left - made clear that its current policies would continue.

French election runoff set to test local strength of far right

Marine Le Pen's party set for big jump in number of councillors while right-wing UMP and centrist UDI hope to eclipse socialists in many areas.

France’s far-right Front National gets an economic makeover

Adding economic issues to its mix of nationalism and opposition to immigration has helped Marine Le Pen's party attract votes, say experts.

European Parliament alerts France over funding of Front National MEPs' staff

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The European Parliament has alerted the European anti-fraud office OLAF to its suspicions that the French far-right Front National party has misused the legislature’s funds allocated for the payment of parliamentary assistants. Mediapart has gained access to a letter sent by European Parliament president Martin Schulz to French justice minister Christiane Taubira this week in which he details his concerns over “the scale” of the problem, involving 20 assistants to Front National Members of the European Parliament, most of whom are listed on the anti-EU party’s organisation chart as officials based at its headquarters near Paris. Ludovic Lamant and Marine Turchi report.

French PM warns far right could win 2017 presidential vote

Speaking on French television, Manuel Valls said he was 'scared for my country, I'm scared that it will crack in the face of the Front National'.

The rising menace of France’s National Front

Victory for Marine Le Pen's far-right party would be a disaster for both France and Europe, argues The Financial Times.

France's Front National party could make sweeping gains at local elections

Poll gives far-right party 29 per cent of support with growing backing in rural areas and in France's blue-collar or middle-class suburbs.

Far-right sets off timebomb for Sarkozy's UMP party

Sophie Montel et Marine Le Pen. © (dr) Sophie Montel et Marine Le Pen. © (dr)

A cliffhanger by-election held in eastern France at the weekend saw the narrow victory of the socialist candidate over his far-right National Front party challenger. There was relief but no partying within the Socialist Party, which held the seat by a majority of just more than 800 votes and which on Monday sounded an alarm at the dangers ahead after this latest illustration of the upsurge in support for the far-right. Despite its defeat in the urns, the Front National credibly claimed a political victory over the mainstream parties and over the conservative UMP party in particular. Mediapart political affairs correspondent Hubert Huertas analyses the result which showed a significant section of the conservative electorate snubbed its party’s instructions by switching support to the far-right in the second-round playoff on Sunday, prompting Front National leader Marine Le Pen to say the mutiny offered "lots of promising information for the future".