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Far-right 'at gates of power' warns French PM Manuel Valls

Prime minister said socialists had to 'act differently... speak differently' to counter threat from far right or face the 'terrible price of failure'.

Poll shows France's Marine Le Pen would top presidential election

Survey suggests Front National boss would win first round vote and trounce President Hollande in second round run-off - but not other rivals.

French far-right politician given jail sentence after 'ape' jibe

Anne-Sophie Leclere is given a nine-month jail term and a 50,000-euro fine for likening France's black justice minister to a chimpanzee.

Father-daughter row splitting open France's far-right Front National party

FN founder and honorary president Jean-Marie Le Pen slams his daughter's leadership of the party after she criticised his recent anti-Semitic jibes.

France's Marine Le Pen rebukes father in new anti-Semitism row

Leader of far-right Front National says her father's remark linking a Jewish singer to concentration camp gas ovens was a 'political mistake'.

France’s ticking time bomb

Commentator says the French are now asking the unthinkable: can far-right Front National rise to top of the national ladder and grab presidency?

European cash 'jackpot' that could boost Marine Le Pen's bid for French presidency

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Le 12 mai 2014, au siège du FN. © Reuters Le 12 mai 2014, au siège du FN. © Reuters

After her party's successes in the recent European elections, the leader of the far-right Front National is striving to form her own multi-national political group at the European Parliament. The official reason is that such a grouping will strengthen the FN president’s political clout in the parliament. But as Ludovic Lamant and Marine Turchi report, there is another reason for setting up the group – and that is to enable the FN to get its hands on several million euros a year in EU funds. Thus this most eurosceptic of French politicians might end up using EU money to help support her attempt to win the French presidency in 2017.

Marine Le Pen has 'respect' for Putin as much as for Merkel

French far-right leader tells Der Spiegel that Russia's president 'puts Russian people first', and that she eyes power in France within ten years.

French far-right leader trying to form European group

Marine Le Pen is allied to the far-right from four other countries, but must find two more national partners to form parliamentary group.

The midnight hour approaches for France


The results in France of the European Parliament elections held on May 25th saw a landslide victory for the far-right Front National party, amid the disintegration of the Left and the collapse of the mainstream Right, choked by scandals and internal divisions. The worst-case scenario for French democracy is now an imminent possibility, writes Mediapart’s editor François Bonnet who argues here why, unless there is a major change to political dynamics, the far-right now has a real chance of taking the French presidency.

French far-right hoping to build on disillusions with EU

France's far-right Front National party is tipped to make important gains from mainstream Right in Sunday's European Parliament elections.

Rachida Dati warns French to stop Far Right by turning out in European polls

Former justice minister and Sarkozy protegée says high turnout can help combat threat of 'ultra-violent, ultra-racist and populist' parties.

‘To exit Europe, is to exit history,’ France's Hollande warns

Attacking a growing tide of Euroscepticism in France, Hollande said that the EU had brought peace and economic stability to the continent.

France's Front National leader 'opens arms' to UKIP party

But British anti-European Union party says it is not interested in a deal because of 'prejudice and anti-Semitism in particular' in the FN's 'DNA'.

France's far right leader blames EU for new 'cold war'

In visit to Moscow, Marine Le Pen says it is the European Union that declared 'cold war' on Russia by seeking closer ties with Ukraine.