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France labour dispute: wave of strike action nationwide

Oil refineries, nuclear power plants and transport hubs were hit, motorways and bridges were blocked and protesters clashed with police.

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Unions dig in heels to disrupt fuel supply in France

Finance minister Michel Sapin says CGT union is holding France hostage and that government will take the necessary action to end blockade.

Fuel shortage concerns as workers at French oil refinery halt production

CGT union votes to stop production at Total's Normandy refinery in north-west France as workers seek withdrawal of labour reform bill.

Air France-KLM losses widen as fuel costs rise

The Franco-Dutch airline says it made a 1.19bn euros net loss in 2012, blaming sharply rising fuel costs and trouble with its cargo business.

Germany slams France over fuel tax cut

The German government and press insist the French have got it wrong, even if most drivers in Germany support it.

France cuts fuel prices to boost economy

Government has struck a deal with fuel suppliers to cut petrol and diesel prices by 6 euro cents a litre for the next three months.