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France orders fuel depot staff back to work as national strikes loom

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Leading unions have called for strikes on Tuesday in their biggest challenge yet to President Emmanuel Macron since he won a new presidential term in May.

CGT shuns TotalEnergies talks as French petrol crisis drags on

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Despite the government requisitioning key refinery staff to get petrol flowing again, nearly a third of gas stations still have supply problems.

French refinery workers defy Macron’s call to ‘let country work’

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Government ministers meanwhile call on TotalEnergies to raise salaries in bid to end dispute. 

France orders oil staff back to work amid fuel strikes

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Despite a deal, the refinery strikes continue, which prime minister Élisabeth Borne says the government ‘cannot accept.’

Third of petrol stations out of fuel in France as strikes continue

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Industrial action has disrupted refining and delivery, with long queues forming at fuel stations in the Paris region as drivers try to fill up before more pumps run dry. 

France turns to oil reserves as unions blockade fuel depots

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Head of France's oil industry federation says country has been using reserves, which could last for three months, for first time since 2010.

The anger and doubts fuelling France's oil refinery protests

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Many oil refinery workers, rail workers and aviation staff are on strike or set to go out on strike as France suffers fuel shortages and a power struggle between the government and those opposed to controversial labour law reforms. Union activists have criticised the “extremely violent” actions of the state in removing the blockade at the Fos-sur-Mer oil refinery in the south of France. But despite the growing impact of their industrial action, union militants admit that they will not continue the action on their own indefinitely without the help of workers in other sectors. Mathilde Goanec reports.

France strikes leave fuel stations dry and pose threat to Euro 2016

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President Hollande is forced to deny his country faces a ‘May revolution’, comparable to the students and workers’ revolt of May 1968.

France can cope with oil refinery blockades says prime minister

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Manuel Valls insists situation is 'fully under control' as union protests at oil refineries leave hundreds of French petrols stations without fuel.

Strikes bring shortages in hundreds of French petrol stations

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Protests over labour law reform have led to blockades and fall in refinery output that hamper fuel supply and have prompted consumer panic.