World leaders gather for funeral of France's Jacques Chirac

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Around 30 foreign leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin, gathered on Monday in the French capital for ex-president's funeral.

France bids farewell to 'great and good' ex-PM Rocard

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At Paris ceremony President Hollande praised Rocard, premier for 3 years from 1988, as a 'brilliant intellectual' and 'citizen in awe of the world'. 

Anger of French traveller community sparks riots after jail request denied

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People blocked road, set fire to several cars and ransacked restaurant at train station in south-east France after inmates barred from funeral.

Sarkozy snubs Hollande's invite to fly with him to Nelson Mandela funeral

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Hollande and his predecessor will fly in separate government jets to avoid spending lengthy flight together to and from South Africa.

'World needs more dictators like Chavez' declares French minister

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Vistorin Lurel, representing France at the funeral of late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, compared him to Charles de Gaulle and Léon Blum.

State funeral ceremony for 'Time for Outrage' author Stéphane Hessel

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President François Hollande led a ceremony at the Invalides in homage to the Resistance veteran and political campaigner who died last week.

Gunman Mohamed Merah buried in cemetery near Toulouse

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Gunman Mohamed Merah, who went on a killing spree that claimed seven lives earlier this month, has been buried outside the city of Toulouse.