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France ends 30-year ban on gay male blood donors

The lifting of the ban, which was ended for lesbians in 2002, is conditional to gay donors observing sexual inactivity over a period of one year.

Hairdresser boss's 'poofter' slur 'not homophobic' rules Paris tribunal

The employment tribunal said boss who fired a gay hairdresser, decribing him as a 'pédé' in a text message, was not guilty of discrimination. 

Paper claims pope personally rejected gay French diplomat as ambassador

Pope Francis allegedly cited displeasure with 2013 gay marriage law in France as one reason for decision to bar Laurent Stéfanini.

France refuses to back down over gay Vatican ambassador

While the Vatican stalls approval of a gay senior diplomat as France's Holy See envoy, the French government insists on its choice of candidate.

Vatican reportedly snubs France's gay candidate for ambassador

The Vatican has let three months pass without approving France's proposed new ambassador to the Holy See, a 55-year-old senior diplomat.

French court allows gay French-Moroccan couple to wed

Judges in France rule that the couple can marry despite the North African kingdom’s refusal to recognise same-sex marriages.

French Front National vice president 'outed' as gay

Revelation by Closer magazine of Florian Philippot's relationship with a TV journalist sparks row in France over right to privacy.

France to marry first gay couple on Wednesday

Vincent Autin and his partner Bruno Boileau will tie the knot in Montpellier in first ceremony since new marriage for all law was passed.

France’s anti-gay marriage movement eyes future fights

After Sunday’s last-ditch demonstration against a law legalising same-sex marriage, protest organisers already have their sights set on future battles.

French Senate starts gay marriage debate amid protests

France's upper chamber of parliament has begun examining bill which gives homosexual couples the right to marry and adopt children.

French gay marriage opponents stage protest

Ten of thousands opposed to plans allowing same-sex marriage have protested in Paris even though measure is virtually certain to become law. 

Lower house of French parliament approves bill that would legalize gay marriage, adoption

The measure, approved in 329-to-229 vote in National Assembly, puts France on track to join about a dozen nations that allow gay marriage.

France pledges marriage equality despite protests

Justice minister says the referendum on same-sex marriage demanded by many opponents would be unconstitutional and says that bill will go ahead.

Protestors against gay marriage mass at Eiffel Tower

Several hundred thousand people marched in Paris to protest against French president's plan to legalize gay marriage and adoption by June.

French Muslims join opposition to same-sex marriage

Fifty Muslim activists have issued an open letter urging fellow Muslims to join a major Paris protest against the law at the weekend.