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French education minister 'set to scrap' controversial gender-equality programme

Media reports say Benoît Hamon will announce an end to the teaching of the 'ABCD of Equality' after it provoked an angry outcry from Right.

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White, ageing and male: the profile of a typical French mayor

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Paris is about to have its first woman mayor in the city's long history. But the certainty that either socialist Anne Hidalgo or right-wing candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet will take the reins of the French capital after the two rounds of local elections that start this Sunday masks the fact that most French towns and cities will be run by a man whichever of the main parties wins the local vote. An examination of the mayoral election candidates by Mediapart has revealed that the great majority are male, white – and not very young. Lénaïg Bredoux and Ellen Salvi report on the slow progress made by the country's two major mainstream parties in making their politicians more representative of the populace.

France set to enact sweeping changes to sexual equality laws

Proposals to include "ABC of gender equality" lessons for children as young as six and tougher laws on domestic violence and pay equality.

Women 'treated more leniently' by French courts


Men and women might be equal before criminal law, but not when it comes to their trial, where women are shown comparative leniency by sentencing judges. That’s the controversial conclusion of a three-year study by two French sociologists, Maxime Lelièvre and Thomas Léonard, who monitored the treatment of, and sentences meted out to, men and women in French courts. Michaël Hajdenberg looks at their findings and hears the conflicting reactions of magistrates and lawyers.