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French mayor convicted of rape runs town from prison

More than two months after conviction, the former minister and conservative  mayor Georges Tron is still  governing his town of almost 30,000 people from his prison cell.

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Former French minister jailed for rape and sexual assault

Georges Tron, a conservative former minister and mayor of Draveil, a southern Paris suburb, has been handed a sentence of five years in jail, two suspended, after he was found guilty of raping and sexually assaulting a female member of his townhall staff.

Former French minister acquitted of charges of raping staff

Georges Tron, a former French junior minster and Member of Parliament, and mayor of a town near Paris, has been acquitted by a trial jury of charges of raping two women employees of his town hall in sexual assaults abetted by his female deputy, after jurors found no evidence that the plaintifs did not consent to the events.

French ex-minister goes on trial for rape and sexual assault

Georges Tron, who was a minister under Nicolas Sarkozy, is accused of attacking female staff at town hall where he is mayor.

French ex-minister charged with rape

Former French minister Georges Tron has been charged with rape and sexual assault after allegations he attacked women who worked for him as mayor.