France faces further clash with Germany over push for ECB backstop

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French finance minister François Baroin risked a further clash with Germany arguing that ECB support for Europe's recue fund is the best solution.

France and Germany clash over ECB role in crisis

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France and Germany disagree over whether the European Central Bank should intervene more forcefully to halt eurozone's accelerating debt crisis.

France and Germany 'planning new core eurozone'

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Germany and France have discussed plans for a radical EU shakeup, establishing a more integrated and smaller euro zone, reports Reuters.

Spread between French and German bonds hits record

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Spread in rate of return on French and German government bonds has risen to record high as investors snapped up Berlin's debt amid eurozone turmoil.

French outrage at German food fair foie gras ban

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French agriculture minister Bruno le Maire has threatened to boycott the opening of a major German food fair after it banned 'cruel' foie gras.

In Berlin, a subterranean Nazi-era world (CSM)

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