Macron tells German parliament Europe must block global chaos

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In a speech to Germany's parliament, French President Emmanuel Macron said Europe must not become 'a plaything of great powers' and that 'in this global order [...] our true strength lies in unity'.

Paris and Berlin call for shake-up of EU development banks

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They seek 'clearer delineation of mandates' between European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Britain appeals to France, Germany to help avoid 'no deal' Brexit

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British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, who visited Paris on Tuesday, has called on France and Germany to put pressure on European Union negotiators in Brexit talks to respond more positively to the UK's propositions for a deal and to avoid what he has said is otherwise 'the real chance' of his country leaving the EU next year without one.

France to lead joint fighter jet program with Germany

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New combat jet intended to replace French Rafales made by Dassault Aviation and German Eurofighters from 2040. 

France, Germany slam Trump over G7 statement U-turn

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France and Germany have reacted strongly at a decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw his support for the concluding joint statement issued by the Group of Seven summit in Canada of leading world economic powers, with a French presidential source calling it an act of 'incoherence and inconsistency' and the German foreign minister saying trust had been 'lost'. 

How Assad regime built chemical arsenal with aid of Germany and other countries

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Russia, Armenia and the former West Germany were all major suppliers of technology and raw materials for Syria's programme of chemical weapon production, exiled Syrians who worked on the project have told Mediapart. They also say that, in violation of intentional law, the Damascus regime still has a secret arsenal of up to 35 tonnes of chemical weapons. René Backmann reports.

Jury out on Macron's structural reforms of the French economy

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Just hours after naming the conservative Edouard Philippe as his prime minister on Monday, France’s new president Emmanuel Macron flew off to pay a visit to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She, like European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, has hailed the election of pro-EU Macron, and notably his announced structural reforms of France’s economy, which are at the heart of his political programme. Macron considers they represent a panacea for the ills in French society, but are they really appropriate to the country’s economic situation? Romaric Godin weighs up the widely different views on the mantra that there is no alternative to “structural reforms”.  

Macron to meet Merkel in Berlin on Monday

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Emmanuel Macron is to travel to Germany to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, the day after his inauguration as France's new president, when the two leaders are expected to seek agreement on measures to strengthen the eurozone.

Berlin watches anxiously as France poll approaches

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Germany doubts any of the presidential candidates will tackle the political and economic problems faced by their French neighbours.

Euro may not exist in 10 years, warns presidential hopeful Macron

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Emmanuel Macron called for a euro zone budget to finance investments and to extend financial assistance to struggling member states.

France challenges German veto over Greek Christmas bonus row

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French president said wrong to prevent Greece from taking “sovereign decisions” to pay pensioners a one-off bonus, despite German anger.

Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo launches German edition

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First German edition of the French magazine that was nearly wiped out by murderous attack in January 2015 hits newsstands this week.

Three arrested in Germany suspected of links to Paris attacks group

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The three Syrians, who police suspect were a 'sleeper cell', appear to have travelled via the same traffickers as three suicide bombers who blew themselves up near Paris in November 2015.

France and Germany plan ‘more active’ EU defence

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Paper by country's defence ministers proposes setting up a European defence headquarters, a common surveillance system and sharing logistics.

The grim battle for survival facing France's dairy farmers


After a bitter dispute lasting more than a week, the giant French dairy group Lactalis has finally agreed to pay its dairy farmers higher prices for their milk. However, the anger of the protests has once again highlighted the desperate plight of many dairy farmers in France. As Laurent Geslin reports, an entire way of life is in danger of disappearing as smaller-scale farmers find it increasingly hard to make a living.