German and French ministers urge deeper EU 'political union'

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Jean-Marc Ayrault and Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged other EU members to join them in further steps toward a 'political union in Europe'.

Europe's 'secret hand' in France's divisive labour law

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The French government’s labour law reform bill, now being debated in the Senate, has prompted fierce opposition from several trades unions, massive demonstrations across the country, and a deep political and social crisis. Opinion polls show a majority of the population are opposed to the bill, which reduces current protection for employees with measures that include easing conditions for firing staff and placing a ceiling on compensation sums awarded by industrial tribunals. But the government is adamant it will not negotiate the bill's contents. Martine Orange investigates the reasons for its unusual intransigence, and discovers evidence that the most controversial texts of the bill were demanded by European Union economic liberals.

Germany's populist party wants France excluded from Eurozone

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AfD says France and south European countries pose problem to single currency as they have a different political culture from north Europeans.

Geneva launches legal battle to shut French nuclear plant


The Swiss canton, or state, of Geneva has launched legal action aimed at forcing the closure of the ageing, accident-prone French nuclear plant at Bugey, which lies just 70 kilometres from the border with Switzerland. The lawsuit is for “the deliberate endangering of lives” and “water pollution”. If successful, this extraordinary move could encourage other countries bordering France and its network of 58 nuclear reactors to take similar action. Agathe Duparc reports from Geneva where the local authorities presented their case at a press conference on Monday.

Hollande says France and Germany see eye to eye over migrant crisis

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As Hollande and Merkel meet in Paris, president insists that France shares the same desire as Germany to tackle the problem.

France nuclear incident 'worse than reported'

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German media quote expert as saying 2014 incident at Fessenheim plant near German border was unique occurrence in Western Europe.

French and German central bankers call for euro zone finance ministry

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Heads of Paris and Berlin central banks say European Central Bank is not enough to sustain long-term growth for currency bloc. 

Migrant crisis: France's prime minister warns over refugee numbers

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Manuel Valls said stricter controls were not imposed on the EU's external borders, then people would say 'enough of Europe'.

France feels increasingly isolated in fight against terror

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Paris worries its allies, including Germany, may not have the will to confront the militant threat head on, says The Wall Street Journal.

Hollande demands 'all information' on German bugging of French foreign minister

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The French president said he expected Chancellor Angela Merkel to give 'exact details' over report that German intelligence spied on Laurent Fabius.

French and German foreign ministers in joint visit to Bangladesh

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The 'historic' trip by Laurent Fabius and Frank-Walter Steinmeier is aimed at helping South Asian country combat effects of climate change.

France draws few migrants with belated welcome

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France’s relative lack of appeal for migrants has not blunted the fearmongering about immigration that has helped fuel support for far-right.

Germany and France demand EU binding agreement on sharing migrants

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President Hollande called for mechanism forcing countries to take an obligatory number of refugees, though avoided use of word 'quota'.

Germany bullied France into policy of austerity, says top economist

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Nobel prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz said Germany's influence on economic policy of President Hollande involved 'a kind of intimidation'.

France, Germany and Britain demand urgent EU meeting on migrant crisis

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The three nations want a special meeting of justice and interior ministers within two weeks to find 'concrete steps' to tackle situation.