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France and Germany go into battle over eurobonds

Germany counters French call for common eurozone bonds, ahead of a key EU summit hoping to find for new measures to tackle bloc's debt crisis.

Germany refuses Hollande re-negotiation of EU fiscal pact

Germany rules out reworking the European Union's 'fiskalpakt' despite calls to do so by Francois Hollande, France's president-elect.

Expanding French population to match that of Germany by 2055


In 2055, the population of France is forecast to match and subsequently overtake that of Germany, currently the largest in western Europe, reports the French National Institute of Demographic Studies, INED.  Its study, published March 29th, examines the reasons behind this latest development in what has been a long history of reversing demographic trends between the two countries. It notably finds that while immigration has played but a minor role in the increase of the population in France, the fastest-growing in Europe, it represents a vital element for countering the continued aging and decrease of the population in Germany. Carine Fouteau reports.

Sarkozy, Merkel pile pressure on Greece

France and Germany warn Greece it won't receive new bailout funds next month unless it implements austerity measures imposed by EU and IMF.

France, Germany find eurozone deal without UK

The EU summit in Brussels sees agreement among eurozone members to a tax and budget pact after the UK vetoed modification of the EU Treaty.

Eurozone credit downgrade warning after Germany and France strike deal

Hours after Paris summit breakthrough, Standard & Poor's announces France and Germany are among 15 countries whose credit rating may be cut.

Former SS troops face Oradour-sur-Glane massacre charges

Six former SS troops from a division responsible for the massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane, central France, that left 642 dead face murder charges.

France and Germany call for tougher Europe treaty

The leaders of France and Germany, meeting in Paris on Monday, have called for a revised EU treaty to deal with the eurozone debt crisis.

France and Germany remain poles apart

Two major speeches in two days supposed to highlight France and Germany's joint determination over eurozone crisis instead highlighted differences.

France faces further clash with Germany over push for ECB backstop

French finance minister François Baroin risked a further clash with Germany arguing that ECB support for Europe's recue fund is the best solution.

France and Germany clash over ECB role in crisis

France and Germany disagree over whether the European Central Bank should intervene more forcefully to halt eurozone's accelerating debt crisis.

France and Germany 'planning new core eurozone'

Germany and France have discussed plans for a radical EU shakeup, establishing a more integrated and smaller euro zone, reports Reuters.

Spread between French and German bonds hits record

Spread in rate of return on French and German government bonds has risen to record high as investors snapped up Berlin's debt amid eurozone turmoil.

French outrage at German food fair foie gras ban

French agriculture minister Bruno le Maire has threatened to boycott the opening of a major German food fair after it banned 'cruel' foie gras.

In Berlin, a subterranean Nazi-era world (CSM)