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Macron to respond over issue of low pay after fuel protests

Minister says it is ‘time to listen’ but French president expected to hold firm on fuel tax rise in new policy announcement.

'Shame' on violent protesters, says Macron after fuel price unrest

President said there was 'no place for violence' after chaos on Champs-Elysées when police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters.

Police disperse ‘yellow vest’ Paris protesters with teargas

Around 8,000 protesters gathered in Paris for second weekend of 'yellow vest'  protests, as public anger over rising diesel fuel prices continues.

Man with grenade arrested as France prepares for more fuel protests

The incident in western France came as Paris readied itself for arrival of tens of thousands of people taking part in second weekend of protests.

Are latest French protests a curse or a blessing for Macron?

Protests over fuel prices with no official leader, no national organisation and no political links present the French president with a new kind of political challenge says the BBC's Paris correspondent.

French 'citizens' protests over cost of living continue Sunday

A movement against fuel tax hikes which grew on social media and which claims no political alliances, has attracted several hundreds of thousands of protestors across France this weekend to block roads in what is fast transforming into a movement of protest against falling living standards among modest income earners.  

Macron faces off hi-vis 'people's revolt' against tax hikes

A growing movement in France against fuel tax hikes and which claims no political alliances, plans a national day of action of road blocks across the country on Saturday as the protests widen to broader demands over diminishing purchasing power for people with modest incomes.