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Far-right's Marine Le Pen rails against globalisation

In keynote speech, Front National presidential candidate told supporters in Lyon that globalisation was slowly choking communities to death.

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In EU, French and Austrians fear globalisation the most

Study shows 55 percent of Austrians and 54 percent of French see it as a threat, the only surveyed countries where a majority voiced that view.

WTO chief Lamy slams French protectionist 'diversion'


Almost all the candidates in the French presidential election campaign, from the Far Right to the Radical Left, are championing protectionism, a rare issue on which there is such broad agreement. But the rhetoric doesn’t impress World Trade Organisation Director-General Pascal Lamy, who dismisses the protectionist vogue as one based on false premises and serving only to divert attention from the primary issue of French competitiveness. In this wide-ranging interview with Philippe Riès, Lamy argues that protectionism is fuelled by a French malaise towards the wider world, an issue that he says requires an “anthropolitical” approach.