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France fines Google over 'right to be forgotten'

French authority fines search engine giant 100,000 euros for not scrubbing web search results enough after European privacy ruling.

Google unpaid taxes: France seeks €1.6bn from search giant

News came as US company's boss Sundar Pichai arrived in Paris where he was due to meet France's economy minister Emmanuel Macron.

French finance minister blasts UK's £130m Google tax deal

Michel Sapin said UK's settlement with internet giant 'seems more the product of a negotiation', and pledged France would apply 'the law'.

French data regulator rejects Google’s right-to-be-forgotten appeal

Search engine’s attempt to block French order to apply delistings to its global domain, not just European sites, is rejected.

Google disobeys French request to extend ‘right to be forgotten’

Search engine giant 'respectfully' rejects French digital watchdog ruling which said it should extend this right beyond Europe to rest of world.

French data-privacy agency tells Google to make 'right to be forgotten' global

The CNIL told Google it must apply right to be removed from search engine listings to 'all domain names' and not only those aimed at Europe.

France 'to demand that Google reveals secret search engine algorithm'

Press reports say the US firm would be required to reveal its formula for ranking websites under new legislation now before parliament.

French interior minister meets Google, Facebook and Twitter on terror posts

Bernard Cazeneuve met the US tech giants in California, asking them to work directly with French authorities to erase online terror propaganda.

France seeks to make Google and Facebook accountable for hate speech

President Hollande says new law will make internet operators 'accomplices' of hate-speech offences if they host extremist messages.

Le Monde tells story of French newspaper travails

Forced resignation of paper's editor reveals the wider problems facing French newspapers as they battle to come to terms with the digital age.

French consumers' association sues Facebook, Twitter and Google

Watchdog UFC-Que Choisir is suing the social media giants for using 'illegible' user terms of conditions that breach internet users' privacy.

French journalist convicted for using 'secret' documents found in Google search


The hacker, IT specialist and journalist Olivier Laurelli has been ordered to pay a 3,000-euro fine for downloading files from a government agency that he found by chance during a routine internet search. The court of appeal in Paris ruled he was guilty of 'theft' and fraudulently remaining inside an unauthorised computer system. Apart from the disturbing implications for all journalists and internet users of the verdict, the court case also highlights the worrying lack of knowledge among judges who appeared not to know what 'Google' or 'login' were. Jérôme Hourdeaux reports.

Google forced to show privacy fail message on homepage

 French judge refuses to suspend order obliging Google to publish a notice saying it has been fined for breaches of French data protection act.

France to make '1 bn euro tax claim against Google'

Google refuses to comment on 'rumour' of huge bill following probe into how internet search giant transfers tax liability between different countries.

France fines Google over data privacy

US search engine ignored three-month ultimatum from French privacy watchdog to bring practices on user information in line with local law.