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Macron's next move: how to turn the Great Debate into reality

PM Édouard Philippe and his team spent a day coming up with concrete measures to improve daily life in response to yellow vest protests.

President Macron to unveil long-awaited reform plan

Macron to hold first-ever full domestic news conference to outline series of reforms drawn up in response to the 'yellow vest' protests.

Macron to address nation on Monday in bid to calm social unrest

French President Emmanuel Macron will make a televised address on Monday evening when he is expected to announce new measures, drawn from the results of more than two months of nationwide debates and consultations of citizens' demands, aimed at defusing the social unrest led by the so-called 'yellow vest' movement.

French PM closes 'Great debate' of citizens' grievances

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Monday announced the closure of the 12-million-euro series of nationwide consultations of citizens' grievances with government policies, held in town hall meetings and online and prompted by the so-called 'yellow vest' protest movement over falling living standards, when he defined the principal demands as being a broad lowering of taxes, a halt to the decline in public services in some regions, greater democratic consultation and more positive action over environmental concerns.

Jury out on the sincerity of Macron's 'Great Debate'

French President Emmanuel Macron’s “Great Debate” – a vast, unprecedented nationwide exercise in consulting citizens on how to fix France’s problems – is the latest attempt by the centrist president to try to bring an end to almost three months of spectacular anti-government revolt by the gilets jaunes protest movement.

Macron met by angry 'yellow vests' at second 'great debate' venue

Emmanuel Macron led the second of a nationwide series of consultations with France's mayors on Friday, at Souillac in the south-west of the country, an initiative officially aimed as an exchange over citizens' complaints and aspirations which was prompted by the ongoing 'yellow vest' movement, supporters of which gave the president a rowdy reception as he arrived for the meeting.