France and Greece agree '5bn-euro' warship deal

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Meeting in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis anounced the conclusion of a deal, reportedly worth 5 bilion euros, for the sale by France to Greece of three frigates, and an option on a fourth, in what Macron called 'an audacious first step towards European strategic autonomy'.

Greece to buy French jets and frigates as tensions rise in Med

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In contrast to other EU and Nato allies, France has strongly backed Greece in its burgeoning showdown with Turkey over hydrocarbon resources and naval influence in the waters off their coasts.

France to bolster Mediterranean military presence

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Move comes as President Emmanuel Macron called on Turkey to halt oil and gas exploration in disputed waters that has heightened tensions with Greece. 

Greek elections: the before and after Syriza, in nine portraits

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The general elections in Greece on Sunday returned the conservative New Democracy party to power in a landslide victory, ending the four-year coalition government led by the leftwing Syriza party of prime minister Alexis Tsipras. Syriza, once an outsider radical-left party, first gained power in January 2015 when Greece was socially and economically devastated by six years of a financial crisis that centred on the country’s snowballing debts, and which led to brutal and humiliating bailout conditions imposed by international institutions, chiefly the eurozone group and the IMF. At the time, Mediapart travelled to Greece to dress the portraits of nine men and women differently affected by the crisis, and in May this year, shortly before Tsipras called the snap general elections, returned to ask them about their current situations and how they judged the four-year term of the Syriza government. Their accounts here offer an insight into Sunday’s election result and the turnout of just under 60%, the second-lowest of any Greek general election.

Greece to buy two French frigates: report

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Greek media reports say Athens is to begin negotiating the purchase from France of two French-Italian-designed FFREM-class multimission frigates, and is eyeing a further deal for two French Gowind-class corvettes. 

Exclusive: Macron speaks out on Trump, Putin, Palestine, Syria, and the Greek debt

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Emmanuel Macron, who was elected as France’s new president on Sunday, gave his last interview before his landslide victory to Mediapart, in which he detailed the measures and policies he would adopt over his five-year term of office. During the two-hour interview on Friday evening, he detailed his approach to a number of foreign policy issues - which were little mentioned during his campaign - including French military intervention abroad, his views on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Greek debt crisis, and US reluctance to implement the Paris COP 21 measures to combat climate change.

France challenges German veto over Greek Christmas bonus row

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French president said wrong to prevent Greece from taking “sovereign decisions” to pay pensioners a one-off bonus, despite German anger.

EgyptAir crash 'more likely' to be terror attack than technical failure

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Greek TV report of what could be airplane debris spotted in sea near where plane vanished from radar about 174 miles off Egyptian coast.

No theory ruled out says President Hollande after EgyptAir crash

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French president and Egyptian premier say terrorism is possible explanation for sudden crash of plane carrying 66 people over Mediterranean.

Missing EgyptAir flight 'crashed off Greek island'

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Sea search starts as Greek aviation source says plane flying from Paris to Cairo crashed around 130 nautical miles off the island of Karpathos.

Alleged Paris attacks ringleader 'evaded Greek police' in January

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Abdelhamid Abaaoud, killed by French police last month, escaped arrest in Athens from where he directed Brussels terror cell, security source tells BBC.

Movements of Paris attacks 'mastermind' raise EU security questions

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Growing concern in France after it emerged that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of Europe’s most wanted men, travelled freely around continent.

Hollande: France will help Greece with reforms

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French president gave pledge on visit to Athens to sign partnership with Greece's Alexis Tsipras to provide French management expertise.

French parliament approves Greek bailout deal

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France's lower and upper houses voted by strong majorities to approve the controversial 86 billion-euro debt bailout plan agreed on Monday.

French finance minister joins IMF criticism of Greek bailout terms

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Michel Sapin said on Wednesday that IMF report urging large-scale debt relief for Greece was shared by the French government.